Show us the really cool stuff

Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips visited Seagate’s suite at CES this week in Las Vegas — and after asking the Seagate gang to “show us the really cool stuff,” he shared this video with his fans from our “Experience Enterprise” zone.

Of course, Linus went straight for the biggest, best stuff. You remember last summer’s Flash Memory Summit? Seagate won the buzz of the day unveiling our 60TB SSD — the highest-capacity SSD drive on the planet, won a “Best of Show” award at the Summit and earned tons of press interest.

R&D — pretty frickin’ cool!

This week in the CES suite, it clearly caught the eye of Linus who’s one of YouTube’s most popular tech experts.

Linus says the 60TB SSD shows “how Seagate has been investing in the R&D to address this many flash drives using some bridge chip technology that they borrowed from SAS — pretty frickin’ cool!”

(Linus also dug the LaCie 12big, “which supports up to 120TB of storage over Thunderbolt 3 with Noctua fans cooling it — man those guys have good taste!” he said.)

Do we really need a 60TB SSD? Why?

Linus figures his fans might wonder: what’s the use-case of a 60TB SSD? His answer: “What it will allow a company like — oh say Facebook, for example — to do, is store grandma’s pictures that haven’t been accessed for over a year on Facebook on a storage medium that is fast enough for people to be hitting them randomly pulling up a few photos at a time, and high-capacity enough that it’s actually feasible to keep things like grandma’s photos on it.”

“Linus,” he asks rhetorically, do we really need a 60TB SSD? “The need is definitely coming,” Linus answers. “Seagate projects that in 2019, one Zettabyte of data will be shipped in that calendar year, with 1.3 Zettabytes the following year. To put that number in perspective, if we take it back down to Gigabytes: that’s more Gigabytes than there are grains of sand on the entire Earth.”

To date, the video‘s racked up nearly a million views. Go ahead, share it some more with your favorite friends who love to geek out on new top gear. 🙂

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