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Seagate recently launched two portable drives with very different personalities.  Why?  One size no longer fits all.  But which drive is right for you?

Seagate FreeAgent Go – a great personal drive.  It’s the thinnest portable drive in the world, with up to 500 GB and a desktop dock.

I use the FreeAgent Go for my personal data.  I can drop the Go into a dock at work and easily use the files on my work PC.  I don’t have to mix my personal and work content, but have access to both.

Maxtor BlackArmor – a great business drive.  It’s the safest drive in the world, with government-grade 128-bit AES encryption and up to 320 GB.

I use the BlackArmor for backing up my work files.  I keep it at home as a simple disaster recovery scheme.  There is absolutely no risk of anyone accessing the data without the password, even if it were to fall out of my bag at a hacker’s convention.

Take your pick!

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