This morning, Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg said that more than 9 out of 10 Americans own a cell phone… I would guess a good chunk of us own Smartphones, and we use every ounce of the functionality… so what other device are we enamored with?  Televisions of course.  So what’s the next logical step…create a smart television.

They’re not very mobile, but when it comes to Smart TVs, they can do just about anything. That’s what I witnessed checking out Samsung, Panasonic, and LG today at CES.  Each company had their own unique interface and were displaying smart technology across a variety of usage models.  From home controls to entertainment, to communication, to social media.

Much of what I experienced was content driven from the cloud. Whether it was Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or new services like CNN or ABC, but the interface is not limited to simply internet content.  Of course, you have access to all of your local content as well, which is what made me pose the question…where’s the storage?

Each of the big players I visited had very little if no products that addressed storage. I think this is where companies like Seagate play well with solutions like Smart TVs.  Sure, the internet offers consumers unlimited content choices, but there’s always the content we actually own, or that we created on our own that we want to enjoy on the big screen.  The idea that storage is agnostic is a real benefit to consumers, and products like Smart TVs are a great big window we can use to enjoy it.

I’ll take 2 please…

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