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Best-Performing CEOs in the World

Seagate CEO Steve Luczo is among the world’s 10 best-performing business leaders, says the Harvard Business Review. HBR places Seagate’s boss at No. 6 on its list of the 100 “Best-Performing CEOs in the World.”

“This is a great honor, one that I share with the entire Seagate team,” said Luczo. “I would emphasize that Seagate’s success in all these areas is truly the result of the consistent commitment to excellence and vigorous efforts of our employees around the world.”

Lars Rebien Sørensen, CEO of Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk, tops the list, while other top leaders listed after Luczo include the CEOs of Canon, Starbucks, Henkel, Nike, BMW and Whole Foods.

How did they measure performance?

In compiling its list, HBR focused on shareholder return, change in market capitalization, and environmental, social, and governance performance (ESG). Luczo and Seagate moved up 28 places and HBR noted there were other significant changes in the list since last year, largely due to the addition this year of the ESG calculation.

“I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made to drive socially responsible and sustainable business practices into all of our global operations,” said Luczo. “There’s no doubt that these issues have become increasingly important to investors, customers and all of our key stakeholders.”

HBR says it intends the list to be “a measure of enduring success. We track and analyze each CEO’s performance starting from day one of his or her tenure. Our goal is to create a list that gets beyond the most recent quarterly or even annual results and truly evaluates long-term performance.”

Seagate CEO Stephen J. LuczoLuczo is among just three American business leaders to make the Top 10 this year, which reflects HBR’s significantly expanded pool of chief executives for this year’s ranking. HBR expanded this year’s list to include CEOs who started their jobs before 1995; that decision meant nearly one-quarter of this year’s Top 100 are new to the list. All told, HBR evaluated 907 CEOs from 896 companies around the world (many companies had co-CEOs).

HBR’s rankings also offer interesting data about global corporate leaders. Only nine CEOs in among the top 100 lead IT companies (including Seagate). Twenty-six of the top 100 CEOs have MBAs (including Luczo), 86 were hired from inside their companies (Luczo was), and only 19 are the original founder of their company (Luczo isn’t). Gender imbalance among top corporate leadership remains an issue — again this year, only two CEOs on the list are women.

Luczo has been Seagate’s CEO since 2009 (he had previously served as CEO from 1998 through 2004, when he left the CEO position to focus on his role as chairman of the board).

Last year HBR also ranked Luczo among the 100 “Best-Performing CEOs in the World,” CNNMoney ranked Luczo No. 5 among the top-performing CEOs in the U.S, and Institutional Investor magazine selected him for its “All-America Executive Team.”

Read the details of the selection process and the full list of 100 CEOs at Harvard Business Review.

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