At Seagate’s exhibit in the Aria Hotel,  Greg Falgiano, Product Marketing Manager for Seagate’s network and video retail products, shared a sneak peak at the next firmware release for their GoFlex TV products.  Available in the coming months, Seagate will add Pandora internet radio and a new app on iTunes that enables you to turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a GoFlex TV remote.

The addition of Pandora brings a whole new experience to the television for me.  I became a fan of Pandora over the last few months, and what better way to take advantage of the service than in the family room, streaming though my TV and stereo, and not relying on just my computer speakers.

The remote app with also come in handy as I upgrade from iPhone 3 to hopefully 5 this year, repurposing my 1st gen iPhone to a remote, and making the iPhone 3 an iPod Touch for the kids.

Can’t wait to see what else Seagate adds to the TV product after walking the CES floor and seeing where internet TV is headed.

Stay tuned.

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