Pepcom was an awesome experience…lots of influential media personalities, and some great products from great companies.  Of course, I was looking for storage angles, and what stood out to me were a couple companies that focused on content consumption…more specifically video.

Roku streaming media player that according t0 the rep at the booth, has sold 1M units online in the US alone, and is branching out into retail. Roku has this $59.99 media player aimed at post gen X and Y consumers that makes streaming internet video whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, etc. as simple as point and click with a remote control.

Another company was veembeam that enables consumers to stream HD video from their laptop or desktop onto their HDTV.  “Televisions provide the best viewing platform in the home,” according to veebeam’s press release.

The jist is that both Roku and veebeam offer simplified ways for consumers to consume digital video content via the consumers’ most utilized display…the TV.  Just a couple examples of  how the TV is morphing into a connected device that goes beyond traditional broadcast and into the realm of the internet and personal video. And on what is internet and personal video stored….hard drives.

Something I am going to keep my eye one the next couple days walking the show floor at CES.

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