Last week I got a GoFlex 500GB drive and a GoFlex TV to add to my GoFlex Home.  I was ready to see if this GoFlex system was all it was cracked up to be. I already talked about how impressed I was with GoFlex Home, now I wanted to put GoFlex TV and the GoFlex portable to the test. Here is what I did:

1. Followed the simple quick start guide for my GoFlex TV connecting all the cables and power. Note to self – upgrade to HDMI cabling, because the back of my TV looks like a snake pit.
2. Powered up the GoFlex TV and navigated to the Component 2 input on the TV…Voila!
3. Went to settings and setup the network connection with login information. I went wired in this case versus wireless to maximize speed.
4. Went to my GoFlex Home setup on to make sure the Home was setup to share media files, and I had everything in the right folder – Public in my case.
5. Navigated the GoFlex TV to my iTunes folder on  the GoFlex Home and  setup a shortcut.
6. The inaugural music selected…a little Godsmack.

The experience was simple, and might I say eye opening.  I realized my music, photos, and videos needed a bit of re-organizing.  I had music scattered across multiple platforms (iTunes and Windows Media Player).  Since I am an iTunes only guy now, I archived the wma files to the GoFlex portable drive, consolidated my iTunes libraries, and created folders for my photos and videos by date (that was the easiest way for me).

I did all of this while my wife and kids were out of town visiting family, so a little GoFlex TV family training is in order for when they come home. I can imagine what my 8 and 11 year old are going to want… their own shortcuts to their pictures (since they both are digital photo junkies, and they take pictures of literally everything, everywhere…), music (since they both have iPods and their own tastes in music), and videos (since they both like to shoot some video with their cameras).  Oh – forgive me for the blog pic…shot with my iPhone, since all 4 cameras are with my wife and kids.

I guess my GoFlex experience is still just starting, but needless to say, we’re now a GoFlex family.

Oh, and by the way, I upgraded to Seagateshare Pro and have access to all my content on my iPhone too…. love it.

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