World's first 5TB portable hard driveImagine having the roomy storage space of a desktop hard drive with the easy mobility of a 2.5-inch external drive. That’s just what you get with Seagate’s new 5TB Backup Plus drive — the world’s largest-capacity mobile drive.

The drive comes in the same form factor as our 4TB model released last year, and is available in black, blue, red and silver color options. Our new highest-ever capacity 5TB model is made possible thanks to Seagate’s new BarraCuda internal drive, featuring its breakthrough 2.5-inch 1TB platter technology announced last month.

No other storage company offers a 5TB portable drive. With 5TB of capacity, you can store approximately 1 million photos, 1,250,000 songs or 600 hours worth of HD movies.

“This is a huge accomplishment from our engineering teams,” says Eber Legarreta, product marketing manager at Seagate. “They’ve reached the same capacity point you’d normally get in a desktop drive, without requiring an additional power source. Seagate’s fired up to keep developing the biggest and best tools for our customers.”

We keep taking loads of pictures and videos with our smartphones

The drive uses high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity for easy plug-and-play functionality. It’s designed to help every home user, student or “social shutterbug”— those folks who love to take and share loads of pictures and videos with their smartphones. And with the latest smartphones now offering a 12-megapixel camera — including Apple’s iPhone 7, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and the Google Pixel — those files are getting bigger than ever.

“Consumers are taking more and more high-resolution photos and videos,” Legarreta says. “That trend isn’t stopping. As our smartphones and other devices fill up with all those big files, we’re going to keep wanting more storage space for our digital memories.”

Backs up PCs, Macs, straight from your phone and direct from social media

With Seagate’s pre-loaded Dashboard software, consumers can backup their computers (both PC and Mac), as well as files posted on social media. And by installing the free Seagate Mobile Backup app, consumers can also backup all the photos and videos from their smartphones to the drive or the cloud. An aluminum cover makes the drive as durable as it is efficient.

The 5TB Backup Plus retails for $189.99 and will be available later this month.

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