Seagate Duet makes it easy to access your media on any device

Were you wondering what press has been saying about our new Seagate Duet? You know, the one-to-one cloud-syncing portable external hard drive that works with Amazon Drive?

You’ll recall Seagate teamed up with Amazon to bring together the best of local and cloud storage in one extremely user-friendly device — quick local transfer speeds and offline access in a slim, lightweight design, and new Amazon Drive customers will receive one free year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage, providing them unlimited storage for photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music. The Seagate Duet easily syncs all data on the drive to the cloud, giving customers dual backup along with access almost anywhere using Amazon Drive.

Check out these recent reviews from tech journalists and bloggers. Click the links below to read the full reviews.

Seagate Duet — “automatically backup your data to Amazon’s cloud with minimal fuss”

9 to 5 Mac: “The new (Seagate) Duet 1TB hard drive automatically syncs all of its contents to Amazon’s cloud service. Setup is quite simple. The ability to automatically backup your data to Amazon’s cloud with minimal fuss is certainly noteworthy.”

PC Mag:  “Everyone should be backing up their data regularly, and the (Seagate) Duet is a great purchase to help force you (or someone you know this Christmas) into the habit of doing so.”

The Verge: “Both a physical backup and Amazon’s reliable S3 cloud infrastructure is a pretty killer combination. This is a physical 1TB HDD, so don’t expect SSD speeds. I’m willing to overlook sheer performance for the convenient, worry-free backup system that you get with the Seagate and Amazon Drive.”

StorageReview: “Managing the Duet and Amazon Drive is fairly simple. Looking at local performance, the drive performed well. With the Seagate Duet users can sync up files on their mobile devices using the Amazon Drive app, as well as retain physical backup. This allows them to move off extra files to free up room while retaining everything that is important to them on a portable drive and in the Amazon Drive cloud.”

Emily Reviews: “When you load files onto your Seagate Duet they will automatically be backed up on your Amazon Drive account. Once your files are loaded onto the Duet, you can just plug it in to your computer access your files. Or from your phone or device you can access the Amazon drive app to get to your photos that are on the device. Using portable drives or cloud storage is something that almost all of us have to rely on now. Having an added layer of backup gives me much more peace of mind.”

Pocketables: “… a thin and light package combined with a very basic but effective synchronizing app as well as a year of drive unlimited. This drive is very clearly more than the sum of it’s well connected parts… With the  convenience of cloud plus physical and respectable performance for a backup solution I have no qualm recommending the Seagate duet as a robust method of keeping your files safe and accessibly.”


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