Smartphones have been a major part of our society for almost ten years now. Obviously some regions of the world use them more than others, but no matter what restaurant, movie theater, mall, park, sporting event or even just a normal, stay-at-home social gathering, the smartphone is often at the center of attention (a dominance that is itself, of course, the subject of much pop-culture backlash).

If aliens are observing us, they may think we worship these handheld computers.

These precious pocket devices continue to become more powerful with every iteration. Have you upgraded to the latest iPhone yet? Will you again this summer?

And our data consumption (and data plans) keep evolving to match the pace of growth.

And who can blame us? The smartphone has given us so many conveniences, whether it’s endless access to entertainment, information, or even its original purpose — communication.

But is there a cost? Qualcomm seems to think so based on the infographic below. This foreboding picture highlights not only the growth of smartphone devices, but also the rising data usage and estimates of how much content we suck up as well. (And some of these figures are a few years old — the numbers are that much bigger today!)

Interestingly, when I look at this graphical breakdown showing the data deluge contrasted with network accessibility, it makes my family’s Seagate Wireless and Wireless Plus drives seem even more crucial to our ability to use, view and access what we want, whenever we want it. We don’t need to stream our content from the web when we can instead just take it with us on our Wireless, and stream it wirelessly straight to any device.

Take a look at the steady increase of digital data — does it look familiar to your everyday life?

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