Seagate continues to solidify its position as the number one choice for high-performance storage solutions designed for new supercomputers. The Seagate ClusterStor solution is now installed at 11 of the top 20 supercomputing sites in Europe.

This is no small feat and has been achieved by forming strong partnerships with global high-performance computing (HPC) providers such as ATOS, Cray, HPe & SGI, and by providing solutions to customers across a wide range of industries, including energy, climate/weather forecasting, government defense, and national supercomputing laboratories.

Beyond the top European supercomputing sites mentioned above, ClusterStor is being deployed in academia, life sciences and by manufacturing customers — contributing to regional ClusterStor revenue growth (CY) at three-times the industry CAGR.

But what makes ClusterStor such an attractive solution? The answer resides in its three core design principals:

  1. Performance Efficiency: to deliver 80% of the underlying media’s performance to the client (competitive solutions average 50% or less)
  2. Stability at Scale: to achieve unsurpassed stability for terabyte/sec performance and hundreds of petabytes capacity in a single namespace
  3. Enterprise-Class RAS: to introduce reliability, scalability and serviceability features that are unique to parallel storage solutions

With 40% of the world’s digital data stored on Seagate, it’s clear that ClusterStor users are benefiting from the vertical integration of Seagate media, systems and software solutions including our de-clustered parity RAID. In fact, Seagate ClusterStor is the only purpose-engineered HPC storage solution that is designed, manufactured and supported by one company. It is tightly integrated with Lustre® or IBM Spectrum Scale™, but has been designed with the exascale era in mind.

What do our customers say is the secret of ClusterStor’s success?

Thomas Ludwig, Director at Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ), the German Climate Computing Centre, said: “The ClusterStor solution provides the best performance density and, therefore, is the most efficient high-performance storage offering for our environment.”

Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere, department lead at French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), said: “ClusterStor excels in performance and, over the past few years, has proven its stability in the most demanding HPC environments. Key environmental factors such as density and power requirements also weighed in favor of the ClusterStor solution.”

Here at Seagate, we’re proud to have established HPC storage leadership in Europe. In collaboration with our strong ecosystem of European partners we’re working to continually deliver the next generation of data storage technologies required for exascale computing.

To find out more please join us at ISC’17 (ISC High Performance 2017) this week. We’ll be at booth no. K-415. Alternatively visit us at

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