ASUSTOR NAS Now Features Seagate IronWolf Health Management

ASUSTOR NAS with Seagate IronWolf Health ManagementLeading network-attached storage maker ASUSTOR announced that its ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) 3.0 NAS operating software now integrates Seagate’s unique IronWolf Health Management to improve system reliability through comprehensive embedded analysis and recovery software, to provide intelligent analysis of drive health that goes beyond traditional diagnostic tools. Seagate is the only hard drive company to offer embedded software for managing drive health.

“As enterprises continue to expand their storage capabilities to meet market demands, drive health and reliability only becomes more important for our customers,” said Shawn Shu, president at ASUSTOR. “With this partnership, our customers can now more easily monitor the health of their NAS and enjoy the benefits of multiple layers of data protection.”

IronWolf Health Management improves system reliability by offering embedded analysis and recovery software

IronWolf Health Management aims to actively protect ASUSTOR NAS by monitoring and analyzing environmental and usage conditions, deploying algorithms that measure critical drive health parameters, and recommending specific interventions if a drive’s health is likely to have been impacted.

Leveraging information gathered from additional operating conditions like temperature and humidity, IronWolf Health Management also recommends preventative actions users can take to avoid having issues arise in the first place.

IronWolf Health Management improves system reliability by offering three distinct benefits to ASUSTOR NAS: prevention, intervention and recovery. The software continually inspects the health of ASUSTOR NAS drives throughout their useful life by monitoring key parameters, along with intercepting, containing and rapidly resolving issues.

Additionally, the software provides a seamless link within the user interface to Seagate’s in-house Rescue and Recovery service plans in case a catastrophic event occurs at a time the drives had not been backed up, ensuring the deepest possible peace of mind. Seagate Rescue and Recovery services are the best in the industry and have a 90 percent recovery rate, and Seagate’s advance protection plans can be purchased in advance at very low cost (two years are provided free of charge with all Seagate IronWolf Pro hard drives).

“We’re dedicated to bringing specialized solutions to the growing NAS market, and our collaboration with ASUSTOR continues to make this possible,” said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of marketing at Seagate.

How can I get IronWolf Health Management on my ASUSTOR NAS?

How should a NAS user install IHM on their ASUSTOR NAS? You don’t need to! When you have an ASUSTOR NAS with ADM 3.0 or later, IHM will already be present. Just make sure your OS is up to date — you can check your OS version by going to

Your ASUSTOR with ADM will automatically detect any hard drive you add to your array, and will automatically detect that both the NAS box and the drive are supported with IHM, and will display messages to guide you on setup.

IHM can be scheduled to run on a regular basis through the ADM User Interface. It can also be run manually at any point the user desires.

The table below shows which ASUSTOR NAS models support IHM:

ASUSTOR NAS Systems with ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM)

What’s so different about IronWolf Heath Management?

Of course, experienced NAS users are familiar with industry-standard features like S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that enable them to test the health of a hard drive. So why is IHM better or even necessary? While S.M.A.R.T. remains a basic necessity for all modern drives, IHM complements that with a much more robust and detailed set of tests, analysis and actionable readouts.


  • Where S.M.A.R.T. monitors only 20 drive parameters, IronWolf Health Management monitors in excess of 200 drive parameters that may influence drive health.
  • While S.M.A.R.T. simply reports a Pass or Fail status, IronWolf Health Management notifies the user of possible prevention and intervention actions ahead of a Fail event, thereby reducing the probability of catastrophic failure and associated data loss.
  • In a situation where S.M.A.R.T. reports end impact to a drive through monitoring of 20 drive parameters with fixed thresholds, IronWolf Health Management reports end impact to a drive, but also communicates a specific failure mode through an output code for interpretation by Seagate Customer Care representatives.
  • And where S.M.A.R.T. has no memory of past trends of threshold excursions, IronWolf Health Management maintains a moving window of parametric data for trend analysis, and assesses the impact of external stresses over the drive’s life.

You can learn more about IHM’s benefits here.

IronWolf Health Management screen

IronWolf’s many additional NAS advantages

IronWolf Health Management is only one unique advantage of IronWolf among NAS hard drives. IronWolf also provides these premium technology features to serve the most ambitious business user’s needs:

Dual-Plane Balance

For multi-drive applications, AgileArray utilizes dual-plane balance to dampen drive vibration, making the drive motor more reliable in multi-bay NAS environments. For larger environments, Seagate enterprise-class drives offer additional features to better displace the effects of vibration, further improving drive reliability.

Advanced Power Management

NASWorks => AgileArray provides 24×7 operation profiles and appropriate sleep or standby modes to maximize power conservation, minimize time-to-data, and improve overall reliability and performance.

Multi-User Technology for Increased Workload Rate Limit

Do more with the NAS enclosure. With multi-user technology, it allows up to 300TB/year user workload rate limit, meaning you can push more data through the NAS.

NAS Error Recovery Controls

Seagate AgileArray firmware helps to ensure that drives remain active in a RAID environment. When data recovery is unsuccessful within seven seconds, the drive notifies the RAID to help rebuild a specific piece of data using backups, thus avoiding a full drive rebuild.

IronWolf Pro also now includes a 2-year Rescue Data Recovery service plan

Your data is important and a Rescue plan provides peace of mind in case of unexpected data loss due to accidents or mechanical damage. The Rescue plan gives you access to a global team of world-class data recovery experts with a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Register an IronWolf Pro drive to activate your Rescue plan and you are covered for 2 years. Extended coverage options available at registration.*

* Rescue recovery services not available in all countries. Please contact your Seagate sales representative for further details. Register an IronWolf Pro drive to activate your 2-year Rescue plan at


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