Giant Video Files? Three Things Your System Needs

Aspen82 shoot on location

Video is huge. The file sizes, I mean.

Video professionals typically work with very big file sizes. And as most small-business owners and IT managers know first-hand — downloading, accessing and sharing those massive files can mean a serious drag on the workflow.

The staff at Aspen 82, a video-production company in Aspen, Colorado, knows that all too well. Aspen 82 — which produces everything from commercials for local TV to video programming for big-time sporting events like the X Games — is a downstream NAS (network-attached storage) customer and a big fan of Seagate.

Large, scalable NAS system. Specialized NAS drives.

The production house used 10 Seagate Enterprise NAS HDDs inside a ReadyDATA NAS system from Netgear to solve some serious video storage and internal collaboration issues.

“Our editors can access the same folders all at the same time. That’s a huge benefit.”

“We needed storage that could hold a lot of these large files, that was secure and could back itself up, and that would allow us to edit in real-time with all of our connected devices,” said Spencer McKnight, owner of Aspen 82.

Seagate’s Enterprise NAS HDDs — with up to 6TB of capacity, along with sustained performance for global availability and 24X7 accessibility — more than delivered for Aspen 82.

Put it to the test.

Aspen 82 needed three things:

  • High capacity storage — on each drive, and through the system
  • Storage that’s secure and backs itself up
  • Connections that enable shared, real-time editing across the drives

“We really put Seagate’s drives to the test,” said Joel Lee, a production manager with Aspen 82. “Everything we’ve experienced has really been amazing. We have plenty of storage space now, and it’s all in one location.”

“Our editors can access the same folders all at the same time,” added McKnight. “That’s a huge benefit. Storage issues can be a huge kink in the chain for video production. Seagate and ReadyDATA have solved that for us, and now our business can continue to grow in the right direction.”

That Netgear-Seagate combination worked out so well that Aspen 82 wanted to spread the word. And what better way to do that than in the company’s favorite medium — video. Watch the clip above to learn more.

But wait — here’s a little more video of Seagate drives in action. “Before we introduced our current Enterprise NAS HDD product name, we’d sent web celeb and tech expert Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips a few of our Enterprise Capacity drives to use in a NAS project he was working on,” said Joni Clark, a Seagate senior manager in NAS drive marketing group. “Sebastian loved the drives and you can see them in his video review of a SERIOUS NAS box.”

You can check out Linus’ review right here:

What business problem can a scalable NAS system solve for you? Let us know in the comments!


Thanks to Seagate’s Cindy Martini and Joni Clark for this reporting!

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