GoFlex Home is now GoFlex Away too

Finally, an even better user experience for accessing music, photos, video, anything from an Apple iOS or Android mobile device.

Seagate today announced GoFlexAccess™, a FREE app from iTunes or Android app stores that makes it much easier to access your files when on the go.  Previous to today, I used a shortcut on my iPhone to the www.seagateshare.com website where I had to login to my GoFlex Home device and navigate a files and folder architecture to get to my files. Now with GoFlexAccess, the experience is much easier to use, and quite frankly, easier on the eyes.

According to the announcement, with GoFlexAccess, you have even better access and viewing capabilities:

  • All of the shares on GoFlex Home, as well as all of the content stored elsewhere on the drive are now available from mobile devices (a share is a file in the GoFlex Home’s Public folder, or identified as “sharable” content);
  • Create slideshows from photos in shares and play music at the same time to accompany it;
  • Stream video to mobile devices over 3G/4G and WiFi:
  • Access Excel, PowerPoint, Word documents and PDFs, etc.;
  • The app features content type filters, to simplify access to your content that may contain a large number of files and file types;
  • Album art support for music files.

It’s basically your own personal cloud storage that happens to be in your home versus someone’s data center somewhere in the world.  Before, GoFlexAccess, I was forced to prioritize what I would sync to my iPhone in terms of music, photos, videos, because I only have 16Gb of storage on the device.  Now, as long as I have connectivity, I basically have a 1TB iPhone that has all of my content whenever I want access to it.

How liberating is that?  Don’t get me wrong, I had that before with seagateshare.com, but to be honest with you, I did not use it that much. The experience was not ideal. Though I had access to everything on my GoFlex Home, I would use it only when I absolutely had to.   With GoFlexAccess, I will find myself using it more and more.

It’s now my GoFlex Home and Away… try it out on Apple iOS or Android.

You can also find the app today by searching for “Seagate” or “GoFlex” on either app store.


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