Is a break in “the cloud” apparent?

This break doesn’t necessarilly mean sunny skies, unless you’re a hacker, according to Magnus Kalkuhl, senior virus analyst at Kaspersky Lab in a recent ZDNet story. Kalhuhl warns of a lack of standards and security in cloud computing that could make it simple for hackers to mess with countless systems and users.

“With 2010 earmarked as the year when many companies will start looking more closely or dipping their feet into cloud environments, he said it would take about two to three years for cloud computing to become mainstream–and therefore, lucrative targets for cyber criminals.”

But what if cyber criminals had no way of accessing data stored on servers and storage systems that power the cloud?  What if cloud computing companies deployed servers and storage that only used TCG compliant, government grade hardware encryption at the drive level?  It’s available today, and without a key, it’s un-hackable.

Remember the “I love you” virus?  Kalkuhl talks about lessons learned from that experience, and that was a virus that basically wreaked havoc on Outlook users.  What if the next “I love you” is honed in on data?  The more people live and work online, the more they rely on the cloud to manage business, finances, healthcare … their personal content.

What’s it going to take for cloud computing to go 100% secure?

Hopefully simple hindsight.

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