How to End Your IT Storage Workload Nightmares

How to End Your IT Storage Workload Nightmares

Designing the best storage solution giving you nightmares?

As an IT professional, are you consumed with determining the best storage solution for your users’ needs? Are you faced with answering the question “what is the best hard drive for this application or this workload?” Does power constraint play a big part in your decision, or is it user response or drive performance that keeps you up at night? We can help…

As part of your total storage system, the hard drives you select will affect performance, capacity, power usage, and costs. That’s a lot of inputs to consider, a lot of benefits to balance.

Let’s make it easier to choose the right hard drives, shall we?

So we decided to make it easier. We created a simple tool that generates clear information, to guide you in selecting the best drive for your application and environment.

Check out Seagate’s Enterprise Storage Optimizer. It’s free to use. So go for it.

Which is more important to you, performance, or cost? How about energy use? Do you need high capacity? Are you using JBOD (just a bunch of disks) or NAS with RAID 1? How many drive bays do you need to fill? What interface are you equipped with?

Answer a few simple questions and you’ll get a customized report tailored to your specific system needs. This online tool delivers everything you need to compare and contrast different drives from Seagate that will meet your needs for your particular application.

The optimizer will provide you with a report:

  • Customized with your name & company
  • Tailored to your specific system needs
  • Tables and graphs for easy comparison
  • Compare drives along multiple dimensions

With the Enterprise Storage Optimizer, we hope we’re helping folks arrive at the best drive, for the job that’s in front of them. Once you’ve tried it, please let us know what you think!


Seagate Enterprise Storage Optimizer


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