PC World: BarraCuda Pro is the Fastest, Vastest Hard Drive Available

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PC World’s Jon Jacobi weighed in on our new 12TB BarraCuda Pro hard drive and said there’s “plenty to love” about its spacious capacity and speedy performance.

Jacobi gave the drive a 4.5 out of 5 stars, saying the BarraCuda Pro 12TB is “the hard drive that turned our head – darn if it isn’t enticingly fast and roomy.” He admired the device’s storage capacity and information processing speeds, praising its “whopping 12TB of capacity” and “remarkable 250MBps sustained transfers.”

“The thought of a hard drive transferring large amounts of data at 250MB per second was fantasy not so long ago,” wrote Jacobi. “The BarraCuda Pro 12TB does it, and in our testing, it did so consistently. If you have a lot of digital stuff, there’s no vaster or faster hard drive to store it on than a BarraCuda Pro 12TB.”

Additionally, he makes note of Seagate’s warranty and data recovery features, pointing out that the BarraCuda Pro is warrantied for a “hefty” five years, plus two complementary years of Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Service, in case of accidental data loss before a user has backed up their drive (Seagate’s the only drive maker to offer this service).

Jacobi’s favorite things:

Vast 12TB storage capacity, impressive 250MB/s sustained transfer speeds, 5 year warranty and 2 years of data recovery.

PC World’s Bottom Line:

“This hard drive is the fastest, vastest currently available for storing and transferring large files. With a 5-year warranty and 2-years of data recovery, it’s also a reasonably safe investment.”

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