Seagate at IBC 2017: Helping Creative Professionals to Tell Their Stories

Best tools for media and entertainmentAs the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology show, IBC is a must-attend event for all creative professionals. With around 60,000 attendees expected, the event will be showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in the industry.

When you watch a great film or see an inspiring image, it is easy to underestimate how much work goes into telling these stories. Creative professionals, from the aspiring film maker to the largest broadcast companies, must manage a complex workflow that progresses without a hitch in order for a project to come together successfully.

Across the globe, we are experiencing a massive increase in the volume of data created, with a recent study by IDC finding that data creation will swell to a total of 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025, 10x more than today. And this is no different in the creative industries.

The rise of high-resolution footage such as 4K means more capacity is needed, but speed is also still critical to avoid latency and dropped frames. Media and entertainment (M&E) is one of the highest demand sectors and creative professionals are facing a number of challenges to ensure they complete projects on time, at the highest level of quality.

How can creatives address these challenges? Data infrastructure is the best place to start. As Martin Edstrom, photographer and explorer at National Geographic said, “In my line of work we are always going to need more storage and I’ve been really pleased with Seagate and their different drives, they make my workflow so much more efficient.”

At IBC, Seagate will be demonstrating its whole portfolio of products, from LaCie’s broad portfolio of Rugged portables and LaCie Big multi-drive RAID solutions, to our Seagate IronWolf NAS hard drives and latest Systems innovations. Seagate is supporting the M&E industry in many ways, and don’t just take our word for it – John Moore at Gone Shootin’ said “Seagate gives me rock-solid, reliable backups with dual redundancy.”

Better value means the right tool in the right application

The film industry is moving faster than ever. A dramatic increase in camera quality means files are massive, but the need to stream them quickly and efficiently hasn’t gone away. Value, not price, is critical to avoid the hidden costs of complex management and protect the precious budget of any production. Seagate’s technology is used inside some of the most well-known and trusted media companies, allowing virtually any number of users to access files instantaneously. Reliable drives are also key and our prevention and recovery capabilities mean your data is always secure.

From capacity to performance to peace of mind, our solutions and systems outperform the nearest priced alternatives. Determining the right drive for the right application is crucial to modern workflows. Price obviously cannot be the only consideration. Reliability, portability, capacity and performance are all at least as important, and more critically so. The best solution is one tailored to you, both now and for years to come.

Simple, scalable, flexible tools increase creative productivity

With tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, time is money in the media and entertainment industry. Seagate allows creative professionals to do what they do best: create. Any solution must be simple to use during a busy project and seamlessly integrate into any existing systems. It must be flexible to provide the right benefits at the right time and increase productivity. And it must be scalable so it can be used on projects of any size, from a small budget advertisement to a major, international production, without impacting performance at any stage.

Our investment in R&D has resulted in a suite of cutting edge technology that reinforces Seagate’s reputation as one of the leading storage providers in the world. Whether it be our industry-leading desktop LaCie Thunderbolt solutions, IronWolf Pro hard drives or our latest RealStor 5 Series solution, Seagate innovations transform the media and entertainment industry by ensuring simplicity, scalability and flexibility.

Gaining the competitive advantage

Having instantaneous access to the data they need is what allows creative professionals to thrive. And as a result, so does their business.

Dropped frames or lost files represent so much more. So whether your business needs a hybrid, multi-location architecture, an entry-level flash option, a RAID enclosure or a desktop solution, Seagate is proud of its work in empowering you to drive your business forward. With Seagate at the heart of your workflow, you protect your critical assets and ensure a competitive advantage.

To find out more please join us at IBC. We’ll be at 7.J40-42 with on-booth presentations from a number of creative professionals including Colorist, DIT and Wedding Film maker. These will take place in the afternoon on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September.

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About the Author:

John Paulsen
John Paulsen is a "Data for Good" advocate, with nearly 20 years in the data storage industry. He's helped launch many industry-firsts including HAMR technology, 10K-rpm and 15K-rpm hard drives, drives designed specifically for video and for gaming, Serial ATA drives, fluid dynamic HDD motors, 60TB SSDs, and MACH.2 multi-actuator technology.