The World’s First 8TB Surveillance Drive

  • Seagate Surveillance HDD 8TB

Seagate has introduced the world’s first 8TB surveillance hard drive. The drive — which is aimed at surveillance-system integrators, end users and installers — offers the highest capacity on the market, along with high reliability for reduced post-deployment support.

Why 8TB matters

The Seagate® Surveillance HDD, which debuted on Wednesday, is tuned for high-write workloads of up to 180TB per drive per year, or three times that of a standard desktop drive.The 3.5-inch drive can store up to 800 hours of HD video.  The drive also includes surveillance-optimized firmware to support up to 64 cameras simultaneously recording high-definition content. These features are all crucial to meeting customers’ needs, because today’s systems use a growing number of surveillance cameras, and capture higher-resolution recordings than ever.

8TB Surveillance HDD - What You Need To KnowGoing beyond the drive design, Surveillance HDD is the only product of its kind to offer a three-year data recovery plan should the drive ever be physically damaged or harmed.

Decade of Surveillance Expertise

Seagate has a decade of experience designing hard drives for the video-capture and surveillance market, more than any other HDD manufacturer.

“We’ve worked closely with the top manufacturers and system builders to evolve the features of our Surveillance HDD products and deliver a customized solution that has precisely matched market needs in this space for the last 10 years,” said Matt Rutledge, Seagate’s SVP for client storage.

The drive incorporates rotational-vibration (RV) sensors, which help it perform reliably in systems with eight or more drives, as seen in the fast-growing network video recorder (NVR) market. This makes it ideal for businesses like casinos or manufacturing plants, where bulk storage for HD video and video analytics are a growing necessity. The NVR market is growing fast as more small and large businesses look to leverage the flexibility of the network, with higher-resolution cameras.

Standard Features — No Extra Charges

Seagate Surveillance HDD 8TBSeagate incorporates RV sensors, error-recovery controls and a special tarnish-resistant feature as standard on its Surveillance HDD line — the only solution that does not charge a premium for those features.

“We believe you need these features in order to have a reliable product in these larger-scale systems,” explained Aubrey Muhlach, surveillance segment marketing manager at Seagate. “We have the right drive, with the right capacity point and feature set, for the surveillance market.”

A fast-growing market for system builders

Market researcher Trendfocus projects that HDD manufacturers will ship approximately 20 million dedicated surveillance drives in 2019, up from 12 million units last year. Surveillance system-builders and installers continue to see growth as they ramp up to provide solutions for small and large business video analytics and “smart city” initiatives that require such gear.

One such company is Hikvision, the world’s top vendor for closed-circuit television (CCTV) and video-capture equipment. By working over many years with Hikvision and other top system manufacturers to analyze and understand system needs, Seagate pioneered the industry’s first surveillance-optimized hard drive, which was released in February, 2006. This purpose-built product helped enhance the quality of video recordings, as well as system reliability.

“Increasingly, our customers are looking for solutions that provide features and insights they may not necessarily know they need, and that requires an understanding of their pain points and the right technologies to address them,” said Guo Xudong, VP of marketing for Hikvision. “We’re proud to continue our longstanding relationship with Seagate.”

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