There’s Data in them there hills!

In my last post, I talked about how Data is the 21st century version of the California Gold Rush. Well, if this infographic does not scream, “there’s data in them there hills,”  I don’t know what will.

Just look at the data within this data…more people online creating and sharing more content means that the world is going to need a lot more servers, and a lot more storage.  But the real story here is the opportunity to innovate, to do things better, faster, simpler, and more elegantly.

The fact that data is growing is not a surprise to anyone.  The fact that data analysis in the name of the Big Data movement is not anything new. The real gold rush here is for those companies that can use this movement as a platform to develop new an better ways of not only using data, but creating, sharing, protecting, and securing it – especially in the cloud, where most of this information will undoubtedly live.

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