What Did Linus and N3rdFusion Do With 100TB? (Video)

  • Linus Sebastian lists server benefits - video play

Linus Sebastian at N3rdFusion

Check out the big reveal below — see what our sometimes hero / sometimes fan Linus Sebastian just did with N3rdFusion.

Linus is, of course, the much-adored creator of addictively entertaining videos about technology, including reviews, showcases and other stuff on LinusTechTips. N3rdFusion shares super-popular gaming videos on Twitch.tv. Seagate provided the N3rdFusion team with 100TB of Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDDs for their office’s new server. Wow.

Linus got together with N3rdFusion and offered to build their new server (which was done live during a Twitch.tv stream). Then he traveled to the N3F offices to personally set it up this month.

What do a bunch of gamers need with an uber mega server?

Linus Sebastian ticks off the benefits of the new server“What would a bunch of Twitch streamers need with some kind of uber mega server?” Linus asks. “I’m gonna use this opportunity, where we’re hand-delivering the server, to walk through all of the different functions that this server is going to be performing here at the N3rdFusion headquarters.”

“First and foremost is the storage of archived Twitch streams. Twitch only allows even partners to store their streams for about 60 days on the service before it is deleted permanently. So this, at 100TB, will be by far the largest storage server that they have in the building, and will allow them to store about one year of archives footage for easy access to everyone who works here.”

Benefits of the server

Lots of other awesome new benefits from the server: The ability to live-transcode full HD videos into lower-res streams for Twitch. A way to easily free up guest PC systems by rapidly fully backing up and replacing OS settings, apps and files then quickly restoring original settings later. Setting up a Linux VM as a dedicated Minecraft server just for the guys in the office — local and onsite to avoid linkup problems, save money and let them allocate CPU and GPU resources as they see fit.

Linus actually built this new server during a Twitch.tv stream. Now watch his new video below for the grand reveal of the server build!

What is Twitch? If you don’t know I think you need to.

Twitch is the mega-popular social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts — each day, close to 10 million visitors gather to watch more than two million game streamers and talk about video games.

Who is N3rdFusion? If you love games you want to meet them.

N3rdFusion is one of Twitch’s super popular channels with gameplay and gaming talk shows, and also runs a fun YouTube channel where they post tons of podcasts and videos from live events.




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