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Level Up your gaming experience with our unbeatable portfolio of storage products supporting all gaming platforms and crafted for all levels of play, from the fastest internal SSDs to the most powerful high-capacity internal hard drives and specialized external SSD and HDD-based Game Drives to instantly add more fun and games to your Xbox or Playstation console. Massive capacity. Serious speed. Fierce upgrades. The best gamers go with the best drives.

This year at CES we’re helping visitors experience a wide variety of scenarios in which data now enables us to do things we didn’t think possible a just few years ago, and today’s all about the fantastically exploding quality of adventures in gaming!

Leveling Up Gaming Storage

Not so long ago, visions of dank basements, half-eaten bags of cheetos, and lanky dudes with an “unhealthy” Doom obsession pervaded many people’s narrow perceptions about gaming culture. How naive was the mainstream… while all the while a rich interactive entertainment culture was bubbling up that eventually surpassed Hollywood, and led to a world in which eSports entertainment — watching video games — is now bigger than traditional pro sporting events like the World Series or NBA finals.

Thankfully in 2019, those perceptions have shifted. Because now we know that Cara in marketing live streams Fortnite every night to over 800 viewers. Bruce the paramedic grabs drinks with Rose and Carlos, his fellow shipmates from Sea of Thieves. Noor from accounting is anticipating the release of Anthem more than this year’s release of new tax laws. For all of their diverse interests, all of these gamers need space, speed, and reliable performance from their gaming drives.

Gamer in action at Seagate Experience Zone CES 2019

Seagate’s rapidly evolving portfolio and partnerships make us the premiere gaming storage company for console and PC gamers alike. In the end, that means players can compete at higher levels, and stop worrying about their gear to instead fully immerse themselves in the joy of gaming.

Teaming up with console and PC manufacturers, game studios and pro players ensures our drives are positioned to support any style of player, from entry level to elite pros. Seagate’s portfolio of game drives for Xbox, PlayStation and PC are tailored for upgrading storage or speeding up load times.

NZXT GeForce tower FireCuda SSD internal

What’s for gamers at the Seagate Experience Zone at CES 2019?

At the Seagate Experience Zone in our CES 2019 booth, game enthusiasts are indulging in several experiences that inspire them to level up their gaming expectations today and their dreams for the future. Read on to see what’s up for gamers in our booth:

FireCuda Zone

In the beginning, there were PC gamers. And they were pissed. Because no matter how much space their rig packs (and do they need a lot of space! — thank you, hard drives!), PC gamers have a serious need for speed to take down their virtual enemies without intermittent lagging.

Seagate brings it with our new FireCuda 510 SSD — an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. Unleashing high capacity and high speed in tandem, this solution means gamers don’t have to choose between one or the other, they can have it all.

It delivers blazing performance, with intense read (3400 MB/second) and write (3150 MB/second) speeds for the ultimate gaming experience. Its write speeds, in particular, outpace competitive offerings.

Its crisp 4K video processing and 600,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second) performance, six times faster than a SATA SSD, allows gamers to run multiple, simultaneous video streams and programs — crucial for gameplay recording and streaming.

FireCuda 510 SSD box on display

Available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, the FireCuda 510’s ultra-small form factor means gamers can beef up just about any system, whether it’s an ultra-thin laptop, mini-PC or desktop.

In our FireCuda Zone at the CES booth, three demo videos showcase the endurance, domination, and acceleration of FireCuda drives while, each day, a creative pro streams/edits and an artist sculpts a fire-breathing dragon.

Meanwhile, pro gamer Jeremy (aka @thesquatingdog) is live streaming direct from our booth, so fans all over the world can tune in to Twitch to see him play Fortnite and get a chance to win a 250GB BarraCuda SSD drive.

squatingdog Fortnite Twitch streaming Live from Seagate Experience Zone at CES 2019

Xbox: 4K Open World

Our partnership with Xbox over the last few years has console gamers excited. As in, flippin’ pumped. And it’s no wonder, with special releases like a Sea of Thieves portable game drive — a pocket-sized solution offering space for 50+ games, an exclusive in-game weapon called the Midnight Blunderbuss (like, what?!), and a skeletal “Reaper’s Mark” emblazoned on the outside of the drive. Even for non-gamers, looking at this sucker is enough to perk one’s interest in ditching the office and embarking on the high seas with their fellow pirates.

The classic green Game Drive for Xbox and the Game Drive for Xbox Game Pass step in as portable options for players needing high capacity. Space for 100+ games, USB 3.0 connectivity, and high-speed performance make lags and game deletion a thing of the past.

And last but fast(est) is Game Drive for Xbox SSD — where premium speeds offer full-throttle, flash-induced bliss for players wanting to decrease boot up and load times while enjoying the perks of a lightweight, shock resistant, and perfectly portable drive.

At the CES booth this year we’re showing gamers how to level up faster using our full spectrum of capacities (up to 8TB) and speeds. This year, showgoers can experience the open world of Forza Horizon 4 in 4K, while learning about our portable Game Drive for Xbox SSD.

Xbox Forza demo at Seagate Experience Zone CES 2019

PlayStation 4: Immersive Gaming

Like every gamer, PS4 aficionados long for more. More games, more space, more speed.

Portable add-on storage for your Playstation with space for 50+ games and USB 3.0 connectivity? Yes. Check out Seagate’s Game Drive made for your PS4 to make sure you get the same seamless performance whether playing from your console’s internal drive or our external beauty.

At our Seagate Experience Zone this year at CES, visitors can enjoy full body immersion play in PlayStation VR with Beat Saber, powered by our portable Game Drive for PS4.

Bottom line — we’re here to let gamers know we support them with killer products, whether they bleed green or blue.

PlayStation VR with Beat Saber

Radiant Images Data Rush

We’ve partnered with Radiant Images and Grab Games for this Seagate Experience Zone to highlight the future of gaming and other immersive AR/VR experiences.

Grab Games is showing off a new AR experience it created for Marvel in which visitors can don a Magic Leap headset and choose from several Avengers heroes to do battle with Thanos.

Meanwhile, Radiant Images allows you to go beyond the 3D experience by using Light Field and Volume Metrics involving depth information. Our CES visitors are being wowed by this augmented-reality (AR) demo that utilizes dozens of 4K cameras for 360-degree image capture.

Radiant Images breakout game at the Seagate Experience Zone at CES 2019

The demo includes Seagate IronWolf NAS hard drives and a LaCie 12big storage system in its end-to-end data workflow. With close to 100 tiny cameras stationed in curved racks around its demo area, capturing 60 frames per second, “we’re producing a crazy amount of data,” said Michael Mansouri, Radiant Image CEO and founder.

“Our cameras generate 30GB of data per minute. We need to access that data very quickly,” Mansouri said. “It used to take us several hours to transfer all of that data. With the high throughput speeds of Seagate and LaCie products, we can now access that data in a fraction of the time—often under seven minutes.”

Radiant Images cameras at Seagate Experience Zone at CES 2019

Whether your gaming, solving problems at the office, creating a masterpiece, or even building the future architecture of the IT infrastructure, Seagate’s solutions are crucial to your opportunity to Level Up. Check back through the week to find out more about what’s happening at the Seagate Experience Zone at CES 2019!


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