CES 2017: Creating Art in 4D Virtual Reality, with Tilt Brush (Video)

CES 2017 - Creating art in 4D Virtual Reality

A future of 4D creative art is already here

At our CES experience this year, we look ahead to the year 2020, a time where data is in flight, all around us, helping us create, share, and understand the world more effectively than ever.

But if you’re a creative professional or a fan of art and entertainment, you know that time’s already here in many ways.

Today we use massive touch screens to create and to enjoy. We share our work across the globe from our pocket devices or our powerful workstations. And our tools are becoming more powerful, and yet more intuitive and natural all the time.

Five artists reveal their 3D masterpieces in real-time

In our video interview below, watch what Seagate and five artists are sharing in our CES booth this year. Step into a world where you become encircled by a three-dimensional masterpiece — one that you’re painting all around you. We’re demonstrating how Google Tilt Brush makes it possible, bringing artists a new way to paint, draw and sculpt.

Seagate has five guest artists featured in the booth using Google Tilt Brush this week. Each artist comes from a different background and has a unique style — take a look at their portfolios here:

Watch George Peaslee surround himself with a starry night, inside a 3D digital canvas

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room becomes your canvas, and your palette is anything in your imagination.

Artists are constantly adopting a greater variety of digital art tools. This new creative technology from Google is among the first to use Virtual Reality and place the artist into the middle of their own artwork. With a swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive Headset can paint life sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything.

In our video, artist George Peaslee talks about some of his inspirations when using this new medium, and says: “VR obviously opens up the canvas to the room, so we get to paint in 3D. It’s really close to sculpting which is my background. There’s so much more potential in VR drawing than there is in being stuck behind the 2Ds screen that we’re used to. Being able to actually interact with your work, and the immersion of VR, is unparalleled.”

Joe Goldin, technical lead with Impact Creative who’s producing the demo, also shows how we’re using the HTC Vive program to bring the experience to life visually. It’s used in a 10’x10’ space, and the technology tracks where the artist is moving.

Art fans participate alongside artists in their virtual studio

Since this is a digital medium, it’s easy to view and share this next generation of artistic expression, so in our booth this week we have a big screen that shows visitors the artist standing in the middle of a world of their own creation, in real-time, while it’s being painted using Tilt Brush tools.

Many believe Tilt Brush is going to revolutionize how people are view immersive artwork. Watch the interview below, and check out Google’s official Tilt Brush promo video below that!

Watch the video interview: Creating art in 4D Virtual Reality

Watch the Tilt Brush video: Painting from a new perspective


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