Far Cry 5: Upgrade to More Space for New Missions with Game Drive for PS4 Special Edition

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Upgrade your PS4 with the Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special Edition

Seagate’s first special edition Game Drive for PS4® is coming this month! In collaboration with Ubisoft, Seagate introduces the Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special Edition.

This external hard drive is designed explicitly to use with your PS4 to give you extra space for your games. And with an included bonus that unlocks new missions and a new in-game location to expand the Far Cry 5 world, it’s the perfect companion for the eagerly awaited Far Cry 5 game, which launches on March 27 for both PS4 and Xbox consoles. The game has earned significant praise since announced at the E3 global game conference last June.

Far Cry 5 takes place in a fictional local in Montana called Hope County. A cult leader named Joseph Seed has risen to prominence and has convinced the local people he’s been “chosen” to protect them from a pending collapse of social order. He’s built a cult he calls “Eden’s Gate,” using fear and violence to coerce Hope County residents to join and to cut them off from the outside world. Ultimately, outside law enforcement enter the county to arrest Seed, but violence against the officers leads to an escalating armed conflict between Eden’s Gate and Hope County residents who haven’t joined the cult. The game player joins the action as a sheriff’s deputy who must figure out how to ally with and help the resistance to the cult.

One of the great challenges of Far Cry 5 — and what makes its gameplay such a rich, data-intensive experience — is that the player enters the game with seemingly endless choices about what to do, and where to go. Far Cry 5 is an open world, and players can freely roam by foot or using a wide variety of vehicles, recruit allies, collect tools and weapons of different sorts, and freely choose their battle strategy and tactics.

If it sounds like the story could be an amazing series or film, it’s no accident. Today’s greatest games often aim to provide a cinematic arc and real drama, and Far Cry 5’s launch is even being accompanied by a short film called Inside Eden’s Gate, launching March 5 on Amazon Prime.

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special EditionHow to add more space to your PS4 — for Far Cry 5 and all your other new favorite games

The newest addition to Seagate’s popular line of storage for gamers, the Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special Edition offers 2TB of add-on capacity for your PlayStation 4 — enough space to store about 50+ PS4 games. That’s enough room for plenty of classics and your favorite new releases, without having to delete anything.

Far Cry 5 fans will appreciate the Game Drive’s extra space as Ubisoft releases additions to its game — known as Downloadable Content or DLC packs — that’ll offer more missions, weapons, equipment and map areas to the existing Far Cry 5 world.

Where can I get the Hours of Darkness DLC?

A highly anticipated Far Cry 5 DLC pack — “Hours of Darkness” — is included with the Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special Edition.* It adds an entirely new set of missions to the already-massive game that lets players venture far beyond their Hope County horizons. In the first Far Cry DLC based around a war scenario, the player is trapped behind lines and must work to rescue their team and evacuate to safety.

Setup is easy with Seagate’s Game Drive for PS4. The PS4 will automatically detect and help gamers set up the new drive in seconds. And its compact size makes it easily portable, meaning gamers can even bring it (with their entire game library) to a friend’s house. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket, doesn’t need a separate power cord and can store a catalog of games and achievements so you can continue your gameplay on any PS4 or PS4 Pro.

And with fast USB 3.0 performance, playing games from the Game Drive feels just like playing from the console’s internal hard drive.

The Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Far Cry 5 Special Edition will ship March 27. With all our special editions there are limited numbers available, so make sure to order your early!


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