New Pocket-Sized PC — with Massive 2TB Storage?

  • Kangaroo Pro Mini PC with 2TB Seagate storage

Kangaroo Pro Mini PC with 2TB Seagate storageSeagate has given a huge storage boost to a new pocket-sized PC.

The new Kangaroo Pro from Portland, Oregon-based InFocus is a Windows 10-based computer that can fit in a pocket or purse. The device connects to a mouse, keyboard and monitor as a mobile desktop PC, or to an iPad for touch-enabled access to programs and files. It includes an Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of NAND flash storage.

InFocus has partnered with Seagate to enable the Kangaroo Pro to store even more high-resolution photos and movies. The palm-sized computer includes a 2.5-inch hard drive bay, located in its docking station, which allows for multiple-terabyte storage options. Consumers can easily remove a plate on the Kangaroo Pro’s dock to upgrade their storage. Those higher-capacity storage options include Seagate’s 7mm-thin, 2TB Mobile HDD and its 1TB Laptop SSHD.

“In today’s data-driven economy, people are consuming more and more data, whether they’re uploading music files, photos or video, and they expect to have access to this content at all times,” said Sai Varanasi, VP of client products PLM at Seagate. “We’re excited to partner with InFocus to provide consumers with a leading-edge, high-capacity storage solution in a super-slim form factor.”

“Having 32GB of flash storage is too little storage space for today’s applications,” said Debasis Baral, managing technologist, product line management at Seagate. “And without enough local storage availability, the Kangaroo Pro will have limited use. By attaching a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB disk drive, you can expand the capacity of the Kangaroo Pro enormously and easily store multiple high-resolution movies and games.”

Baral added that Seagate worked closely with Kangaroo to verify the compatibility of Seagate drives within the Kangaroo Pro system. “End users can also install drives from our competition,” Baral said, “but there’s no guarantee that they’ll work smoothly.”

The Kangaroo Pro retails for an introductory price of $199.99 on Amazon and Newegg, or at


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