Our Hard Drives Are Sturdy, But Fireproof?

There’s this incredible story on Imgur where an unfortunate incident occurred where the house of one of the many Seagate faithful had caught fire and completely burned down.

During the cleanup, he was able to retrieve his burned-up laptop. He pulled out the Seagate drive inside and — amazingly — recovered all his data.

I’m not saying our products are fireproof, but this is a great story about data recovery in extreme conditions.

For those who forgot to backup, and may have something unfortunate happen to their storage device in less than extreme conditions, we have Seagate Rescue & Replace.

If you want that extra security, you can sign up for Seagate Rescue & Replace — a fantastic, surprisingly useful program for anyone who has a storage device: if something bad happens where we’ll replace your device with your data restored. No muss, no fuss. (Wait, “muss” is a word, right?)

While there aren’t any guarantees we can make if your hard drive catches fire, the Seagate Rescue & Replace team is pretty good about getting data back and keeping the creativity (or whatever you use your hard drive for) going. They even helped the police solve this gold heist. How’s that for data recovery?


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