Rescue Data Recovery Service Honored by Global Warranty Association

Seagate’s one-of-a-kind data data rescue service has been recognized with an award from the Global Warranty and Service Contract Association (GWSCA).

Seagate joined Oracle and Ford Motor Company among the GWSCA’s honorees for warranty and service contract excellence and innovation. The GWSCA is a non-profit organization with over 1,000 members from all parts of the warranty and service contract value chain.

“While Seagate has offered data recovery services to consumers, businesses and government organizations for many years, the newly introduced Seagate Rescue Plan…offers it to the mass market via retail outlets,” said the GWSCA in a press release.

In fact, no other storage device company offers protection for your data should your drive become damaged due to accident or failure — Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Plan is still the only plan that covers data recovery services for your own data contained on the hard drive. The plans offer coverage for nearly any brand of internal or external hard drive or solid-state drive.

The plan gives you access to experienced data recovery experts who deliver a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Purchase a BarraCuda Pro or an IronWolf Pro drive and you are covered for 2 years — that’s 2 years you don’t ever have to worry about the data on your hard drive. Customers who purchase other drives (even other brands of drives) can purchase a Seagate Rescue 3-Year Data Recovery Plan for any existing internal or external hard drive for just $14.99

“More and more people understand that the value of what they store on their hard drives — photos, videos, music, work documents and other important files — far surpasses the cost of their laptop computers,” said Paul Steele, director and GM, Seagate Rescue. “They want an extra level of protection for their data, not only their hardware.”

Fulcrum Analytics reports in a survey of 3,000 people in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and the Netherlands that over half of survey respondents experienced an incident that resulted in data loss, while 60 percent of U.S. respondents said the thought of permanently losing their data would be “devastating” to them.

Half of the U.S. respondents were “highly interested” in purchasing the Seagate Rescue service, with cloud-backup users expressing the highest interest overall.


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