Seagate Boosts NAND Flash to 32GB on Laptop SSHD

  • SSHD - 32GB boost in flash means a big boost in speed

SSHD - 32GB boost in flash means a big boost in speed

Seagate just announced a massive boost in the size of NAND flash on our super popular 1TB Laptop SSHD — now available with a huge 32GB of NAND flash storage built in, for lots more SSD-like speed, and all the HDD capacity! The enhanced built-in 32GB NAND flash maximizes the computing experience for gamers, prosumers and media creators.

With a solid-state hybrid drive from Seagate, you get this unmatched combination of value: SSD-like performance, HDD-level capacity, at a price you just can’t beat — and now with a 5-year warranty on all Seagate SSHD drives for laptops and desktops.

Seagate Laptop SSHDStore and access your games, music, photos and videos faster over time with Adaptive Memory technology that learns your specific use patterns to optimize your performance. With Seagate Adaptive Memory technology (a.k.a. self-learning technology) and this big new 32GB NAND flash offering, this SSHD drive tracks more data usage and prioritizes more frequently used data for fast access in the solid-state portion of the device.

If you’re a gamer, a photographer, filmmaker, music producer or any kind of power user looking for high performance, reliable, and affordable storage — this newest supercharged Laptop SSHD is another great reason to celebrate today. (The other celebration is our new 7mm-thin 2TB Seagate Mobile HDD — the highest-capacity, lightest, fastest and most power efficient 7mm drive in the industry!).

What will bigger-than-ever 32GB NAND flash do for your speed?

You’ll save time with a drive that boots in seconds not minutes, giving you the “instant on” experience you’re looking for. The Laptop SSHD with 32GB NAND flash is 25% faster compared to an 8GB version, in terms of game-loading and application load. It’s up to 5X faster than standard 7200-RPM hard drives for application load time. Game loading time is up to 95% faster compared to standard 7200-RPM hard drives.

Now you can game on a laptop like you never could before, with an SSHD drive that’s even up to five times faster than typical hard drives in a desktop PC (as measured by PC Mark Vantage storage benchmarking software)!

DIYers and Tech Enthusiasts — looking for the best way to boost performance

laptop-w-skier-270x212Many DIYers like to build and upgrade their own laptop or PC using high-end video cards, sound cards, top-of-the-line peripherals and premium hard drives to maximize speed and storage.

You know your storage needs are only getting bigger and bigger — whether it be games, video files, or applications. How can you find a hard drive that has the size you need, but also all the speed and responsiveness you want?

That’s where a solid state hybrid drive comes in — all the capacity you’d expect from a standard HDD, plus SSD-like speed. Regardless of the CPU inside, SSHD will speed your system up. Testing shows, every action related to getting information from storage is faster. Less wait time means more game time, or more time creating and editing your videos, photos and music. Booting, loading, running — all are faster, with storage capacity to spare!

You no longer have to trade speed for capacity when editing photos and videos or running big applications and games. With SSHD technology you get both —the optimal storage experience for the creative pro or the tech enthusiast.

Four reasons you want a new Laptop SSHD with 32GB NAND flash
When building your system you’re going to want a Seagate SSHD in your rig for these four reasons – speedcapacity, cost, and reliability:

  • Speed– Every creative pro knows the value of saving hours in the studio, and every gamer knows the importance of having a competitive edge. SSHD delivers by performing up to 5X faster than typical HDDs and improving responsiveness by 30%. Boot up faster to get in the game quicker, grab all the tools and power-ups, and access the perfect attack position before anyone else.
  • Capacity– Size matters. With a Terabyte of capacity you won’t have to uninstall games or creative tools to make space for new ones. Just keep adding to your library.
  • Cost– SSHDs give you huge bang-for-your-buck compared to the cost of an SSD or buying a separate HDD and SSD. Put the money you save towards stocking up all that huge SSHD space with downloadable content and extras.
  • Reliability —An affordable drive doesn’t have to come at the expense of reliability, as these drives now come equipped with a 5-year warranty.

Enjoy the experience of equipping your PC with the ultimate storage technology for gamers, creative pros, and tech enthusiasts. Then worry less and play more, with a high-capacity performance drive that doesn’t hold you back.


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