Supercharge Your Xbox with SSD Speed and 2TB to Hold All Your Games: New Game Drive for Xbox SSD

New pro-level 2TB, 1TB, and 500GB capacity flash SSDs offer fast load times so you can sprint into your Xbox One games

At E3 this week Seagate has announced the new Game Drive for Xbox SSD — a flash-speed SSD storage drive designed exclusively for Xbox One — delivering fast gaming performance, big 2TB capacity, and a sleek small design for pocket-sized convenience.

The new pro-level flash SSD drive gives gamers their quickest possible Xbox upgrade path, with both high speed and extra capacity. It delivers fast game-loading performance, with data-transfer speeds of 540MB per second to get you into the game.

With your choice of 2TB, 1TB, or 500GB capacity options, the 2TB model can store more than 50 downloaded games, to make room for your game library and downloadable add-ons. That’s a big storage boost for the Xbox One X console’s internal storage, which maxes out at 1TB.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD with Xbox One X“With this new drive, we’re offering a great combination of performance and add-on storage,” says Eber Legarreta, product marketing manager, personal storage. “Gamers will see faster boot-up and loading times for games with the SSD inside, and they can upgrade their console’s existing storage capacity without deleting any of their older games.”


With the drive’s fast USB 3.0 connection, playing games from the Seagate drive will feel “as if they were being played from the console’s internal storage,” Legarreta says.

Pro Speed Ahead with SSD for Your Xbox One XThe drive is optimized for the latest revved-up 4K games, says Jeff Fochtman, Seagate’s VP of marketing.

“The quality of production and in-game environment for today’s game titles is off the charts,” says Fochtman, who introduced Seagate’s newest drive at the Xbox FanFest event at E3 on Sunday. “Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox SSD offers gamers the extra capacity for their entire library and flash-speed performance so they can jump into their games without waiting on slow menus and load times.”

The super-slim, minimalist design of the new drive matches the aesthetic of the Xbox One X console. Its shock-resistant SSD storage also can withstand any accidental bumps and impacts that may occur when transporting the drive. Game Drive for Xbox SSD slips into a pocket, doesn’t need a separate power cord, and can keep more than 501 of your downloaded games, downloadable add-ons, and achievements for continued gameplay on any generation of Xbox One console2.

Instantly recognized by your Xbox console and installed in under two minutes, Game Drive for Xbox SSD set-up is a snap. Like all our Seagate Game Drive for Xbox products, this newest drive comes from a close collaboration between Seagate and Xbox teams. Product design, performance and functionality was tested, approved and optimized to pair with the Xbox One console.

“Since our last Game Drive for Xbox SSD, the Xbox team has asked us for a smaller form factor — one that was extremely compact and fast,” said Legarreta. “This is a premium storage drive for Xbox’s premium console.”

The new Game Drive for Xbox SSDs are available later this summer at retailers and online. Check out more details on all of Seagate’s storage for gamers.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD 2TB

1. 2TB drive with an average game capacity of 35-50GB per install. Storage is also required for game save data, and downloadable game content.
2. Requires Xbox Live login from original game owner.


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