Top 5 Perfect, Non-Bank Breaking Holiday Gifts for the Techie in Your Life

Tech gifts never go out of style; they’re the perfect toy for every “grown” girl or boy.  Besides, gift cards lack that “personal touch.” If you’re a down-to-the-wire shopper like many of us are, here are some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Nexus Player – There are several streaming media devices on the market, all of them solid products. What sets the Nexus Player (a.k.a. Android TV) apart is the connection to the Google ecosystem pulling content from Google Play and YouTube as well as the remote app that gives you control from your Android phone or Android Wear Watch. Smart TV just got a little bit smarter. ~ $99

GUNNAR Optiks – Techies no doubt spend a lot of time looking at screens – whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone. GUNNAR Optiks are the perfect gift that’s fashionable and stylish but also designed from the ground up to eliminate eyestrain. With a huge selection of styles to choose from (even for prescription eyewear users) GUNNAR Optiks will up your nerd cred without making you dizzy. ~ $90 (prices vary)

Logitech UE BOOM – Vibrant colors, amazing sound, portability – the Ultimate Ears BOOM 360° speaker is an amazing system. The 360° audio quality is sharp and vibrant enough you can almost see the music notes emitting from the device. With the mobile app, you can tweak EQ settings for a more custom, personal audio experience. ~ $199

Seagate Wireless Plus – With up to 2TB of storage power, the Seagate Wireless Plus is perfect for media enthusiasts who love collecting music, movies and photographs. Creating a personal Wi-Fi network, you’re able to stream your media to your tablet or smartphone or share content to multiple devices – perfect for family vacations.  ~ $199 (2TB), $179  (1TB) or $149 (500GB)

Complete Calvin & Hobbes Box Set – So this isn’t anything tech related, but c’mon, it’s Calvin & Hobbes. You can never go wrong with timeless classics.  ~ $60



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