USA Today Gift Picks: Seagate Game Drives for Xbox and Playstation

  • USA Today Best Gift Ideas — Seagate Game Drive for Xbox
USA Today Best Gift Ideas Seagate Game Drive for XboxThe gift for the gamer who has every title

What do you buy a console gamer this holiday season?

That’s easy, says USA Today: more storage, designed for their favorite console!

USA Today has included both our Game Drive for Xbox (a 2TB external hard drive) and our Game Drive for PlayStation (a 1TB solid-state hybrid drive) on its new “Gadget Gifts for Shoppers on a Budget” list. Watch the video below to learn more!

The many reasons to give Seagate Game Drive

USA Today Best Gift Ideas Seagate Game Drive for PlaystationMarc Saltzman says he was looking for great gadgets for cost-conscious shoppers. As Marc says, regardless of the genre your gamer loves, it’s a good bet they’ll welcome more storage. “Considering today’s games average 35 to 50GB a piece, it’s no surprise many gamers run out of storage on their modest hard drive, the one that ships with the Xbox One and Playstation 4.”

Some of Marc’s favorite advantages of Seagate Game Drives:

  • Only 99 bucks
  • Game Drive for Xbox adds 2TB to both Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • It’s “truly plug-and-play”
  • Small and portable, and doesn’t need to plug into wall
  • Easy to bring to a friend’s place and play on another console
  • Game Drive for Playstation is an internal SSHD upgrade that doubles Playstation’s existing storage

Enjoy the video!


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