Wait Less, Play More: New Game Drive for Xbox SSD Has Speed and Style

  • Seagate Game Drive for Xbox with Halo, Forza, Gears of War, Minecraft

New Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSDSlow game-loading times have you doing a slow burn? Seagate has the answer with its new Game Drive for Xbox SSD. Built for serious gamers, the new drive delivers fast boot and load performance, and an ultra-portable way to store this holiday season’s most popular titles.

Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox is the only external drive officially licensed for Microsoft’s Xbox console, and the new Game Drive for Xbox SSD features 512GB of Seagate-built flash storage, delivering blazing speeds of up to 440MB/second. That kind of performance reduces waiting at welcome screens and enables quicker transitions between levels in top titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4.

Faster into the Fray: Plug-and-Play Setup

Gamers can expand the capacity of their consoles by storing approximately 15 of their favorite titles (depending on file size) and downloadable content on the drive. Users can archive less-frequently played games on their console and keep a sizable library of games at their fingertips on the Seagate Game Drive.

Thanks to its compact 9.6mm form factor, the slim drive fits easily in a pocket or backpack. Setup is also a snap—just plug it in and the Xbox automatically detects and sets up the new drive.

Seagate’s newest drive was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft’s Xbox team. “They said gamers want a performance boost and asked us to deliver,”says Eber Legarreta, product marketing manager at Seagate. “Our product team came through with a drive that’s not only fast, but really complements the look of the Xbox platform.”

Hard-core design: Diamond-cut silver on front, iconic Xbox green along the side

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSDThe portable drive features a three-piece design with an aluminum top and bottom cover for premium style and resistance to scuffs and scratches. The Seagate and Xbox logos are embossed in diamond-cut silver on the front of the drive, and the iconic Xbox green color runs along the side.

The newest drive complements Seagate’s popular 2TB and 4TB Game Drive for Xbox HDD models. Those drives provide huge space for gamers who value capacity—the 4TB edition has space for more than 100 titles.

“The new Game Drive for Xbox SSD is for elite gamers,” explains Legarreta. “Serious gamers may have a huge library of games, but may focus on playing a handful of games at a time. With this as their fastest drive, they can carry their favorite titles with them, and keep the rest on a 4TB Game Drive for Xbox at home or on their console’s internal drive.”

The Game Drive for Xbox SSD retails for $199.99 and is available in mid-November at Amazon, GameStop and other consumer-electronics retailers.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox with Halo, Forza, Gears of War, Minecraft


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