Ways Big Data Impacts Your Life That You Probably Didn’t Know About

What is Big Data?

As described by Dictionary.com:

Big Data: (n) Data sets, typically consisting of billions or trillions of records so vast and complex that they require new and powerful computational resources to process

Translation: large sets of data which if analyzed can divulge trends, patterns, affiliations or associations that relate to human behavior, engagement or interactions.

Big Data analytics have a myriad of uses including financial services, healthcare, customer service, consumer insights and decision-making processes for companies looking for new business opportunities or analyzing market trends.

But how does Big Data impact you?

The infographic below courtesy of vouchercloud.com beautifully highlights how the increasingly vast amount of data being collected and stored is being used to improve upon areas of your everyday life.

Before jumping into the deep end of data, however, take a quick peek at these statistics highlighting the impact Big Data is having on society in these industries:

In Healthcare:

  • 69% of Americans track their health stats
  • 50% of adults in the UK who “self-track” with mobile devices say they’ve experienced a “strong behavior change”

In Finance/Saving Money:

  • Big Data is used to match market offers with consumer buying habits and individual needs
  • Loyalty programs enable shops to track purchase habits and cater sales accordingly

In Transportation:

  • Modify traffic light sequences to manage traffic flow
  • Use mobile apps to deliver traffic times and provide alternative routes

In Social Media, with every passing minute there are:

  • 216,000 posts to Instagram
  • 72 Hours of footage uploaded to YouTube
  • 277,000 posts to Twitter
  • 204,000,000 emails sent

Big Data plays a huge part in daily life – in many ways that most people aren’t even aware of.  As a storage provider, Seagate has a number of solutions and products that back up and protect all data – big and small. Check out the infographic below and leave a comment below on ways you think Big Data impacts you.



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