Flash Memory Summit “Best of Show” Award: Seagate Nytro 1000 SATA SSD Series with DuraWrite

Tony Afshary, Seagate Director of Product Management for SSD Storage Products

We continue to receive exceptional industry recognition for our engineering team’s innovative work with NAND flash. The new Seagate Nytro 1000 SATA SSD series (which includes Nytro 1351 and Nytro 1551 SSDs) with DuraWrite technology was awarded “Best of Show” as the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2018. The award serves to showcase true advances in the way flash memory is used in products to improve overall performance and endurance.

“Not all solid state disk (SSD) products are the same, as endurance, capacity optimization and performance can differentiate solutions in the marketplace,” said Jay Kramer, chairman of the Awards Program and president of Network Storage Advisors Inc. “We are proud to recognize the Seagate Nytro SATA SSD, with DuraWrite technology that can reduce storage requirements by up to 50 percent and accelerate performance up to 3.5 times faster — while leveraging customers’ existing investments in SATA storage architecture for attractive cost justification.”

At Seagate, we’ve worked very hard to address a known NAND flash issue and reach this key milestone. Since NAND is very sensitive to the total amount of data written to it, more data has meant a shorter service life for the flash. With DuraWrite technology, we’ve been able to solve this problem by employing intelligent lossless compression techniques.

Seagate’s unique DuraWrite technology recognized for its innovation

“By using the white space or otherwise redundant information inherent in most data, it turns out that only 50 percent of the actual data will need to be written to the flash with DuraWrite technology,” says Yev Koup, product marketing manager for Enterprise SSD at Seagate. “This translates into increased dynamic over-provisioning and reduced write amplification, resulting in a significant performance boost.”

Seagate at FMS 2018DuraWrite technology is what enterprise customers, who have an endless need for high-capacity and higher performance, have been waiting for to tackle business-critical applications smoothly and efficiently over time. As awards chairman Jay Kramer added, “We are proud to recognize … the innovation of DuraWrite technology which accelerates reads and writes, enables higher levels of endurance and requires lower power, less cooling and longer life for a total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage.”

Furthermore, the Nytro 1000 series leverages the grade of data compressibility found in most enterprise, financial, or database applications faster than other enterprise SATA SSD solutions. Even in applications where compression is used within the database to put emphasis on the economy of space, a 10-20 percent compression ratio is still possible due to the compressibility of metadata structure around compressed data.

It seems that Seagate’s DuraWrite technology is now leading the way in helping to increase the endurance and performance of NAND flash. And with the latest Nytro 1000 SATA SSDs also set to be deployed by data center managers, the cost-effectiveness of this overall solution couldn’t be more apparent or timely.

Seagate’s team at FMS said the award is another strong validation for the company’s technical leadership.

“We’re very excited about this award,” said Tony Afshary, director, SSD product marketing. “This award is great recognition for our DuraWrite technology, a compression technology that’s unique to Seagate. Congratulations to all of the Seagate team who worked so hard to get this product out.”

“Innovation is one of our key values, and this reflects the continuing innovation within the engineering team that worked on this product line,” added Yev Koup, enterprise SSD product marketing manager.

Customers and partners explore breadth of Seagate flash solutions

Along with the award-winning Nytro 1000 SATA SSDs, Seagate’s booth at FMS showcased several other flash technologies, including the new BarraCuda SSD, which offers a significant performance upgrade for laptops and PCs, and the company’s third-generation NVMe enterprise drive, the Nytro 5020.

There also were a number of customer products utilizing Seagate’s flash-based storage on display. Among those products: an Intel NUC mini-PC for entertainment and gaming, which uses the 2TB BarraCuda SSD, and a high-capacity JBOF (just a bunch of flash) storage system from Facebook, which was packed with several of Seagate’s NVMe SSDs.

– Seagate’s Steve Pipe contributed to this report from the Flash Memory Summit


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