Seagate Opens Lyve Labs Innovation Center to Tackle Startups’ Greatest Data Challenges

Think about your favorite innovation. Now, name who is behind it. Chances are you’re thinking about a single person or a single company that created this innovation. More often than not, innovation is seen as the work of individuals. In reality, innovation comes from teams working together to solve problems under difficult constraints.

The global datasphere is forecasted to grow from 41 zettabytes in 2019 to 175 zettabytes by 2025, according to an IDC study sponsored by Seagate. This massive growth in data creation is naturally leading to enormous complexity in the IT architectures and data management strategies for capturing, sharing, storing, maintaining, accessing, securing, and moving data. As these challenges grow, it is imperative that leading data management companies like Seagate expand our horizons to work within more diverse ecosystems to envision and develop the innovations to solve them.

Last week, Seagate took an important step toward elevating increased innovation for massive data growth, with the opening of our newest office. Lyve™ Labs Israel officially opened its doors on February 13.

What is Lyve Labs? It’s a collaborative platform in which Seagate partners with innovators, startups, and enterprises to create solutions that harness the flow of data.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Lyve Labs Innovation Center

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the Lyve Labs Innovation Center. L-R: Tslil Zinger (Seagate Sr Engineer, IT), Noa Franko-Ohana (Sr Manager, Lyve Labs), Hagai Heshes (Contractor, Lyve Labs), Amalia Bryl (Contractor, Lyve Labs), Lauren Phillips (Seagate Director of Strategy), Ekaterina Wilk (Seagate Sr Manager, PR), Danny Fishler (Staff Analyst, Lyve Labs), Erez Baum (Sr Director, Lyve Labs), Dave Mosley (Seagate CEO), Ravi Naik (Seagate CIO and Sr VP of Strategy), BS Teh (Seagate Sr VP of Sales), Rose Hiu (Seagate VP of Global Marketing), Sarah Jolly (Manager, Lyve Labs Marketing), Ruti Arazi (Contractor, Lyve Labs), Regev Avivi (Seagate Sr Engineer, IT).

“Innovation doesn’t happen in silos”

“Seagate created Lyve Labs because we understand that innovation cannot happen in silos,” Dave Mosley, CEO, said. “Innovation is a work of collaboration. The innovators at Lyve Labs are indebted to others. In turn—drawing on over 40 years of Seagate’s research and development—we want to help enable innovations that use data for the good of humanity.”

The innovation center opened in Tel Aviv because Israel is a vibrant hub of datasphere innovation, with the largest number of startups per capita in the world and more than 10% of the labor force employed in the high-tech industry. Lyve Labs Israel innovation center will partner with startups to help their business, and in turn learn from them and apply those insights to our business.

Partnership with SeismicAI

Even before we formally opened our doors to the ecosystem, the center had already attracted a number of startups. One such partner is SeismicAI, which is using artificial intelligence and machine learning with data at the edge to detect earthquakes more accurately, in any location, and deliver earlier and faster alerts. 

Seagate is helping SeismicAI with their data in motion. “Our solution is currently based on the cloud, but we need to be closer to the edge,” said Benny Sasson, CTO of SeismicAI. “We received a request from the National Institute of Natural Resources in Canada that our platform be installed as an on-premise, encrypted, secure, holistic solution—because of national security and data security concerns. That’s why we turned to Lyve Labs.”

Attendees discuss projects already underway at the new Lyve Labs Innovation Center

Attendees at the opening discuss projects already underway at the new Lyve Labs Innovation Center.

At its core, the Lyve brand is all about IT 4.0—the fourth wave of the industrial revolution as it pertains to the world of IT. It brings this revolution to life by delivering enterprise data solutions, management, and orchestration; services; and collaborative ecosystem innovation. At CES 2020 Seagate unveiled its new Lyve Drive Mobile System—a revolutionary modular storage system to manage the surge of enterprise, cloud, and edge data. This product was also the first proof of concept for a major data transport concept that came out of Lyve Labs.

In addition to the innovation center in Tel Aviv, there’s one other Lyve Labs location already operating in Seagate’s Longmont, Colorado, design center. This location caters primarily to the Independent Software Vendor audience and focuses on producing reference architectures. 

In the end, Lyve Labs is all about innovation. When we solve problems at scale, we need to bring multiple worlds together, and invite them to work cooperatively. That’s why we’ve come to Israel, to take advantage of this vibrant ecosystem and create solutions, together. 

Engage with us! If you have a tough data challenge, learn more about Lyve Labs and Lyve Labs Israel and send us a message about your challenge on our website. We look forward to collaborating with you.


About the Author:

Sarah Jolly
Sarah Jolly is a marketing manager for Lyve Labs.