NAB 2018: Photo, Video and Production Paradise with Seagate and LaCie

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Photographers, filmmakers, creative pros — this year at NAB we’ve taken “efficient workflow” to a new level. From our must-see Collective Speaker Series to new solutions like the LaCie Rugged RAID Pro and advanced live motion capture technology, LaCie and Seagate make production, offloading, and post production smooth. Meaning your work stays fun. Because you stay free and focused.

Too often, creatives are held down by limitations that aren’t of our own making. Even the most visionary among us can fold when trade and technology say no — our ideas remaining bound to the known world of possibility.

But human curiosity is hungry. The unknown pushes us to escape boundaries. We search until we find the right tools to shatter every obstacle. One by one, restrictions fall away. We cross over into the realm where untapped ideas transform into possibilities we can explore and make real. Seagate, LaCie and our partners today are here to say it’s possible — so that others will hear and be encouraged. Because we all know in our core that only the free can explore.

Check out our video here, and take a look at the demonstrations and the speakers revealing some of the tools and processes that enable creative possibilities to live and thrive. Meet the people who’ve made the Seagate and LaCie NAB 2018 booth an exciting experience this week.



Shoot, Capture, Edit, Archive, Deliver

Our theme at the Seagate and LaCie booth this year illustrates the fact that your data can live all the way from production, through offloading, through post-production, and all the way to delivery — all on Seagate’s technology, enabling one of the most efficient workflows that you can possibly have.

“The media and entertainment industry is all about data,” said Tim Bucher, senior vice president of Seagate consumer solutions. “At Seagate we create the best data solutions from capture in the field to archiving in the back end, and everything in between, including post-production.”

“We shoot, we capture, we edit, we archive, we deliver — and we rock the world,” agreed Clement Barberis, LaCie product marketing manager.

And at this year’s NAB booth Seagate and LaCie demonstrate how your data is managed at every point in a production.

At the shoot and capture demonstration,“We’re having a lot of fun announcing the new Rugged RAID Pro,” said Barberis. We’re filming with a Red Weapon Helium 8K Camera which shoots well over 300MB/sec data rate — so you’re filling up terabytes in a matter of hours with this system. Our demo capture system allows us to pre-program the camera motion, see exactly how it’s going to work, and do it perfectly every time.

A few steps beyond that, we’ve got an on-set DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) cart showing what it looks like when you offload your footage to a LaCie 12big or 6big desktop RAID.

Then we show you what it looks like while reworking and color correcting the footage on your advanced video editing workstation.

And as you continue back through the booth, you can enjoy the finished product delivered in the Theater.

Our demo of new markerless motion capture technology shows that actors no longer need ping-pong balls attached to their body suits

Our demo of new markerless motion capture technology shows that actors no longer need ping-pong balls attached to their body suits

Creation Studios — your place where possibility lives, enabled by Seagate and LaCie

“We’re showing some awesome and new technologies — including some markerless motion capture, with an awesome break dancer,” said Barberis.

Traditionally when filmmakers use motion capture technology to help create life-like computer animated characters, they put each actor into a bodysuit, attach markers over their entire body, then set up a special camera system that can only see these markers. Software processes a 3-D reconstruction of the markers’ positions and motions, creating a moving skeleton on which to hang the animated character’s design, so that its motion looks realistic.

“With this new markerless motion capture technology, you don’t have to put on that crazy suit with all the ping-pong balls,” explained Joe Goldin, technologist at The Impact Media Group. “So we can grab anyone off the floor here at NAB and in less than 20 seconds, bring them into the experience.”

Speaker Series — we are what we create

Film director Ryan Little was at our NAB booth to participate in the Collective Speaker Series, speaking drones, data management and workflow for his TV series, EXTINCT. Along with Little we’ve gathered a series of speakers from a variety of creative disciplines who are members of the Collective community, who’ve been sharing their different insights and perspectives on creative and production workflow.

“It’s been awesome to be here” Little said. “Lots of people from the Collective are here — talented, awesome people. If you’re not going to be here at NAB, you definitely need to go to the website and check it out.”

Nils Hasler talks about motion capture technology as part of our Collective Speaker Series

Nils Hasler talks about motion capture technology as part of our Collective Speaker Series

Get lost in your work

When you’re a content creator, there’s nothing more discouraging than having an awesome idea or a truly once-in-a-lifetime assignment come your way — but be unable to execute it because your tools lack the ability to keep up. Your ideas become trapped, your potential stifled. LaCie and Seagate work tirelessly to help bring your brilliance, and all the opportunity that your imagination affords, to life.

Consider Rugged. Rain, crush, and drop resistant, creatives have carried these portable powerhouses while exploring the toxic wasteland of abandoned Chernobyl. They’ve trekked with them across sub zero terrain to capture otherworldly beauty in the Auroras. And their data, their valuable footage, survived and thrived every step of the way.

The unique capabilities in of our most recent innovations, DJI Copilot, means storytellers like these no longer have to carry their laptop from location to location just to backup and protect their killer footage. All they need is their drive.

When they return to their desk, our desktop RAID solutions go above and beyond, allowing them to store, dock, and streamline entire workflows — they charge devices, daisy chain, and crush bottlenecks with insane speed and enormous capacity. The faster and smoother a creative can work, the more they can stay in the zone, in their element.

In addition to the individual, there are studios. There are teams. They need reliability, capacity, and speed in mammoth doses, leveraging our Guardian Series and Exos enterprise drives and Seagate enterprise systems. Whether they’re sharing files across the globe, working on set with their DIT cart, archiving years worth of projects, or aiming for the highest resolution possible in their video production, we say — Yes. Go for it. We’ll take care of your data.

While tools are well and good, we go even further.

Like creatives, we collaborate. We choose partners carefully and with purpose so that we keep to our promise of delivering exactly what’s needed and more. DJI, Adobe, Blackmagic, and so on. We understand that while our individual contributions are strong, our unified ability is greater.

To expand further on this goal we now bring you Collective — a platform bringing talented and idea-hungry creative professionals together in one place. Where they can learn, grow, engage, and share experiences.

Possibilities only become real when you explore them. And you can only explore them when you’re free to do so — when you’re not shackled by unnecessary constraints. When your tools work with you, not against you. Creation Studios, the world you create when you deploy Seagate and LaCie innovations, is a place where every solution enables you to do more, create more, be more.


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