Study Examines AI Readiness: “Data is the Fuel of Machine Learning”

  • Study Examines AI Readiness - Data is the Fuel of Machine Learning 1

Seeking to understand the impact of artificial intelligence across the Asia-Pacific region, Seagate recently commissioned a regional study called “Data Pulse: Maximizing the Potential of AI.”

The study explores the readiness levels of artificial intelligence adoption and implementation by business segments across key Asia-Pacific markets. It also looks at the opportunities and challenges faced by organizations when looking to incorporate AI applications. The survey polled 600 IT professionals from Singapore, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Australia.

The study found that while 89 percent of organizations plan to implement AI technologies in the next year, one in five are not ready to handle the increasing data stream within their existing IT infrastructure.

Despite robust adoption of AI technologies in the region, the report found that a significant number of organizations haven’t invested in the data and technical solutions required to fully support AI. While 95 percent of respondents believe there’s an increasing need for robust data storage solutions with growing AI applications, 15 percent say they haven’t invested sufficiently in data storage to be ready for AI now or in the future.

Already, $39 billion has been invested in AI worldwide, with Asia-Pacific spending to reach $4.6 billion by 2021. IDC estimates the amount of data that is processed by machine learning, natural language processing and AI may grow by a factor of 100 to 1.4ZB by 2025.

“Unleashing artificial intelligence on massive data sets is quite remarkable,” says Adrian Letchford, senior data scientist at Airtasker, an Australian company that connects people and businesses looking to outsource tasks. “You start to uncover patterns you wouldn’t have otherwise realized. Data is the fuel of machine learning.”

“With its vibrantly growing economies, emerging pools of talent and highly connected population, there are tremendous opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region in reaping the benefits of AI,” said B.S. Teh, senior VP of global sales and sales operations at Seagate. “In order to take full advantage of the considerable benefits brought by AI, Asia-Pacific organizations should proactively look to develop robust infrastructure and ecosystems to support the needs of data analytics and real-time data processing.”

Watch the video below to review some of the study’s learnings, and hear more thoughts about AI from Adrian Letchford, a senior data scientist at Australian company Airtasker, and Inês Almeida, chief transformation officer for NKD CO.


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