Dell EMC World 2016 — IT On the Cusp of Revolutionary Transformation

  • Dell EMC World highlights

Dell EMC World highlights

Dell World 2016 in Austin aims to enable transformation across IT

Dell World, now Dell EMC World as of this year, is the ultimate technology event for everything Dell and EMC-related where nearly 8,000 IT professionals gather from across the globe. Last week, Dell EMC World 2016 kicked-off in Austin, TX and did not disappoint. With an overarching theme of “Let the Transformation Begin,” Dell shared how IT as we know it is on the cusp of the next industrial revolution — one that will impact every company across every vertical.

At the conference, attendees got to see firsthand how Dell and EMC are enabling the enterprise, HPC, software-defined and cloud environments to respond and adapt quickly to the deluge of data and the “internet of things.” Partner collaboration and integration were also a highlight of the conference and Seagate was happy to be a sponsor and demonstrate how our offerings are part of the transformation that Dell and EMC are defining.

Today, organizations grapple with massive amounts of data on one hand and the need for faster access to it on the other. As a storage building block supplier (HDDs, SSDs, storage systems and cloud solutions) for over 50 years, Seagate is a one-stop innovator across all storage demands. Partnering for well over a decade, Dell, EMC and Seagate build solutions that optimize, scale, accelerate and create efficiencies in the datacenter. Seagate showcased solutions that directly address these challenges, from the most trusted enterprise hard drive storage to the broadest flash portfolio in the industry.

The need for faster access and ever-increasing mass data storage

Dell EMC relies on Seagate’s enterprise hard drives to provide higher performance and capacities for dynamic server-storage environments. Performance demands on enterprise datacenters today are increasing as customers consider agile storage solutions to handle diverse workloads. The key to success is to apply the right technologies to the right workloads, and we are seeing increased adoption of hybrid arrays of HDDs and SSDs enhanced by software-based caching. Servicing Dell EMC’s customers with the most reliable, high capacity Enterprise Capacity 8TB drives and 10TB helium-based drives and the new Enterprise Performance 15K HDD v6 — the industry’s fastest — datacenters will be able to efficiently meet their needs for faster access and ever-increasing mass data storage.

Throughout the conference, Dell EMC also promoted their flash strategy — “Flash is Everywhere” and “The Year of Flash.” Seagate highlighted SSD products that attracted attendees to the Seagate booth, including the fastest, densest and largest capacity SSDs in the industry. This comprised of the 8TB Nytro XP7200 NVMe SSD, the fastest SSD in the world at 10GB/s, the first 2TB enterprise NVMe SSD in an M.2 form factor and the 60TB SAS SSD featuring twice the density and four times the capacity of the next highest-capacity SSD available today.

Meeting with partners, learning, collaborating for innovation

Dell EMC World Architecting from the Edge of the Cloud In addition to Dell EMC end users, Dell World is one of the prime venues to make contacts with Dell EMC employees from a range of business units. “Being part of Dell EMC World significantly expedited the time and expanded the range of Dell EMC business units we could engage with and identify collaborative opportunities,” said Dan Nahmiash, Seagate product manager for Enterprise Products. “We are really looking forward to next year’s Dell EMC World in Las Vegas!”

True to its form, Dell EMC World 2016 was educational and it’s always amazing to see how quickly technologies can advance in a short period of time. The innovation and collaboration never gets stale and continues to progress and evolve. It’s also always a great opportunity to engage with Dell EMC customers, partners and employees. Together, we can fuel our customer’s success, accelerate innovation and set a course for further transformation.


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John Paulsen is a "Data for Good" advocate, with nearly 20 years in the data storage industry. He's helped launch many industry-firsts including HAMR technology, 10K-rpm and 15K-rpm hard drives, drives designed specifically for video and for gaming, Serial ATA drives, fluid dynamic HDD motors, 60TB SSDs, and MACH.2 multi-actuator technology.