Industry Breakthrough – Multilevel Security Ecosystem Demonstration at Geospatial Intelligence Symposium

Commercially Available Multilevel Security Ecosystem – Consolidates Hardware, Reduces Cost, Enables Secure Collaborative Data Fusion

On behalf of our industry leading Multilevel Secure (MLS) Team Partners, we welcome our GEOINT community customers and fellow Geospatial Intelligence industry developer friends to witness our Multilevel Secure Ecosystem Demonstration next week at the Geospatial Intelligence Symposium, June 22 – 25 in WA. D.C.

Based on a recent government deployment which has been certified to meet Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 PL4  requirements, this MLS Ecosystem represents both a government and commercial industry breakthrough. The MLS Ecosystem draws upon the following contributions, all of which will be demonstrated-live at the GEOINT show floor.

  • Lockheed Martin® – Multilevel Secure Ecosystem (GEOINT Booth 6133)
  • Seagate® – Multilevel Secure HPC Storage (GEOINT Booth 4109)
  • SGI® – Secure High Performance Computing Solutions (GEOINT Booth 7141)
  • Bay Microsystems® – Global High-Performance Fabric Extension (GEOINT Booth 3067)
  • Mellanox® – 100 Gigabit Per Second Scalable Networking  (GEOINT Booth 2061)
  • Altair® – PBS Professional: Fast, Powerful Job Scheduling and Management  (GEOINT Booth 8148)
  • Crunchy® – Open Source Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL extends PostgreSQL with Multilevel Security Support (GEOINT Booth 9090)
  • Splunk® – Universal Machine Data Platform (GEOINT Booth 11084)

At a high level, the MLS ecosystem enables Secure Collaborative Data Fusion to securely manage multiple data types and multiple classification types in a single MLS capable ecosystem. Internally, the MLS ecosystem consolidates multiple previously isolated systems, segregates data at different security levels, enforces security access controls, captures and consolidates audit trails, provides and both databases and MapReduce and much more.

To gain full understanding on this game changing capability – you must visit our respective GEOINT booths to see our MLS Ecosystem Live Demonstration – In Action!

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