IT Pros Rank Seagate the Leader in Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Support

ITPulse 2017 survey — Seagate is the market leader in Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Support

If Seagate’s enterprise hard disk drives were a sports team, you’d have to call their success — as judged by IT professionals — a true dynasty.

That’s because IT pros ranked Seagate’s enterprise HDDs as the industry’s leader for the fifth straight year.

In the annual survey by market researcher IT Brand Pulse, voters named Seagate the enterprise HDD leader for Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Service and Support, and for the overall Market — topping other brands in the space Western Digital, HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) and Toshiba.

IT Pulse defined these categories as follows:

  • Innovation Leader: The product that brings useful new features and benefits ahead of the competition
  • Performance Leader: The product which is fastest, and/or delivers the quickest user response time
  • Reliability Leader: The product that most consistently performs its intended or required function or mission without degradation or failure
  • Service and Support Leader: The product with the most accessible, responsive, and reasonably-priced service and support
  • Market Leader: The combination of innovation, performance, price, reliability and support, specific to a product category; making that product an overall market leader

Survey respondents included global IT pros from dozens of top companies, universities and other organizations, including AT&T, Duke University, British Petroleum, NASA, Siemens, Starbucks and Verizon.

“Since 1980, when the company invented the first 5.25 inch HDD, Seagate has been recognized by IT professionals as the leading brand for enterprise HDDs,” said IT Pulse, in its survey summary analysis. “The company’s brand dominance continues as IT pros voted Seagate the Enterprise HDD Market Leader for the fifth consecutive year. Across the board, Seagate enterprise HDD products deliver leading-edge performance, capacity and endurance.”

“Seagate’s brand recognition for innovative, high-performing and reliable enterprise drives, backed by our excellent service and support, once again ranks Seagate highest among IT pros,” said Barbara Craig, Seagate senior product marketing manager. “Outpacing HGST, WD and Toshiba for the fifth straight year speaks to the market leadership we have with industry-leading IT managers in the most progressive datacenters.”

Other multiple-category winning companies in the IT Brand Pulse survey included Broadcom/Emulex, Brocade, Cisco, Dell EMC, Quantum and NetApp.

Take a look at some of the results in the charts below, and see more IT Brand Pulse results across all market segments here.

IT Brand Pulse 2017 Survey — Seagate named the market leader in Innovation, Performance, Reliability, Service and Support





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