Lockheed Martin & Seagate Partner to Deliver Multilevel Security Solution to Solve Persistent Challenges for U.S. Military, Intelligence and Commercial HPC Environments

From the GEOINT 2015 Symposium in Washington DC,  a game changing demonstration developed through the partnership of Lockheed Martin and Seagate is on display. The Multilevel Secure (MLS) Ecosystem is a commercially available solution that is capable of protecting high performance computing (HPC) environments within U.S. Military, intelligence and commercial settings against insider threats, data leaks and threats from outside the organization that quickly become insider threats when security has been penetrated. The details of the participants involved in the MLS Ecosystem were the subject of a recent blog post.

The MLS Ecosystem helps consolidate systems, reduce cost and improve system utilization and efficiency. This will protect organizations with multiple teams  that routinely retain and process multiple levels of sensitive information, such as medical records, private customer data and intellectual property assets.

Lockheed Martin staffs several government-owned HPC programs that in turn provide support for the management of HPC resources used by government directed research and development scientists and contractors. Within this context Lockheed helps users convert, optimize and parallelize its software code to run as efficiently as possible on the government-owned HPC systems.

Our partnership with Seagate and its ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA), which Lockheed Martin has found to be a secure, high performance storage for compute-intensive modeling and simulation research, for use by our U.S. Military and intelligence community customers. Our decision to partner with Seagate and integrate systems with its ClusterStor SDA has delivered on a number of the key objectives necessary to deliver our multilevel secure ecosystem. Driving our choice to partner with  Seagate was its ability to offer our customers enhanced administrative flexibility and control and the ability to consolidate storage and infrastructure hardware along with reduced administrative operational burdens. As a result we can deliver significant cost savings and enhanced security capability to our customers.

In relying on Seagate ClusterStor SDA’s ability to consolidate storage and infrastructure hardware, as well as additional savings in reduced administrative burden and operational cost, Lockheed Martin estimates our customers will gain tens of millions of dollars in cost savings, while gaining enhanced security for their compute-intensive applications.

Further to the features, functions and cost savings inherent with ClusterStor SDA is the persistent and complex challenges it solves. This includes the application of  mandatory access control, least privilege access and continuous auditing within a commercially available high performance storage platform, at massive scale. Seagate’s contribution is an industry first that is applicable within both government and commercial enterprise IT environments, which require strict security on the use of a single system by users at multiple security levels.

Visitors to the GEOINT Symposium can see a demo of MLS at Lockheed Martin in booth 6133 and at Seagate in booth 4109 as well as the other MLS Ecosystem participants.


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