Press Reviews Are In: Everyone’s Excited About Helium 10TB

Read why industry experts are so impressed by the combination of performance, reliability and efficiency offered by Seagate’s 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium).

We confess we’re a bit biased, but we think our new 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium) includes some pretty compelling features:

  • Seven platters
  • 14 heads
  • 10TB highest HDD capacity, delivering up to 9PB (9000TB) in 42U rack
  • Wide-weld sealed helium for low power and low weight advantage
  • Up to 10x the workload rating of a typical desktop drive

What’s not to love? And now the reviewers agree, offering some impressive accolades after putting the drive through its paces.

Critics Agree: Helium 10TB Raises Bar for HDDs

The experts have taken a good hard look at the 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium), and as these linked articles show, it’s clear they like what they see:


Speed, Ruggedness are Key Helium 10TB Advantages

n40-helium-driveLet’s take a look at two key features that demonstrate the Seagate difference. 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium) provides a combination of performance (boasting the industry’s best IOPS/watt costs) and reliability (utilizing proven conventional magnetic recording technology to deliver the 2.5M hour MTBF and 550TB/Year workload rate limit needed to enable consistent, reliable performance in 24x7x365 non-stop environments).

PowerChoice™, PowerBalance™ Cut Storage TCO

Seagate PowerChoice™ technology—specifically developed for enterprise environments—delivers greater energy efficiency and more control over the amount of power HDDs consume. PowerChoice technology allows for energy-saving during periods of command inactivity, enabling greater power reductions. As idling time increases, the power-saving benefits also increase, and the drives will still quickly respond to commands even after long idling periods.

Cloud providers are challenged to build scalable storage infrastructures that fulfill their SLAs by utilizing industry-leading performance across multiple storage tiers, while reducing TCO through greater energy efficiency. Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDDs help by incorporating an on-demand Seagate PowerBalance™ feature that enables IT managers to achieve the optimal balance of performance and power for their specific random read/write environments.

And the 10TB drive delivers a 6% power savings over its nearest competitor right out of the gate thanks to its helium-based platform.


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