What is the Future of HPC Storage Innovation? Join Us at SC16 Next Week


Next week the world of HPC will be descending on Salt Lake City for SC16 — The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, taking place November 13-18, 2016. Seagate will be there. I remember the last time SC was held Salt Lake City back in 2012 and this time I will be prepared with some extra layers and maybe some skis—yes the years in California sunshine have made me soft. 🙂

This year’s show promises to be very exciting, particularly for those interested in the challenges of I/O. As HPC continues to evolve from a compute-centric model of “all I care about is my flops” to a more “Data-Centric” model where storage and I/O is no longer an afterthought, we are seeing more focus and resulting investment across the industry in improving I/O performance.

Questions about the future of HPC storage and what’s coming next? Join us!

For the last few years we have run a Seagate User Group meeting; each year it has gotten bigger and bigger, giving the industry a forum to learn about the latest trends and innovation in the world of HPC and adjacent Big Data and Cloud storage markets.

This year, were are going to take that to another level — we’re going to hear from key industry leaders about what’s really going on at the media level, and how does that relate to the I/O challenges the industry is facing (performance, power, space…and budget) particularly with Exascale programs globally moving forward.

Pushing boundaries relentlessly — have we met our goals?

At Seagate we have a pretty unique vantage on these challenges and the possible solutions; we have been in the storage industry for over three decades, we’re a company whose advanced technology and expertise in HDD, flash and systems makes us uniquely focused on HPC as we power some 40% of the world’s top supercomputers. We have a track record of innovation, pushing the boundaries in a relentless way, so we think we together with our users can offer a lot to the current discourse.

That said, don’t come expecting a magic wand — we don’t do hyperbole at Seagate; what we will do is present data and informed opinion, give you an insight to innovation that is around the corner working in Seagate labs today and also share a glimpse of some innovation across devices, systems and software that are a little further out.

Within my HPC business at Seagate we have gone from a relative newcomer to a leader in the field based on our relentless focus on improving performance efficiency. Over four generations of products, at each turn of the crank we have pushed the envelope higher. Last year we took the step of announcing a specific HDD purposely designed for HPC which when married with the co-design ClusterStor HPC storage system, would really crank up performance and efficiency in HPC. Admittedly, I recall stating some pretty lofty goals as to our improving the efficiency of storage; I even went so far as to say that, contrary to the popular belief that storage performance was lagging CPU, we were actually outpacing Moore’s law over the last five years! So do you want to see if we delivered in the real world? If so, come visit us at the show and see if 12 months later were we able to execute!

Have questions about the future of HPC storage and what’s coming next? Join us at Seagate’s 3rd annual HPC User Forum on Monday, November 14 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. to have your questions answered and receive a 1 TB Seagate Backup Plus! Learn about the newest HPC innovations firsthand from myself (Ken ClaffeyVP & GM for Seagate Storage Systems Group) as well as Phil Brace, President of Seagate’s Cloud Systems and Electronic Solutions, Dave Mosley, President and COO of Seagate Global Operations, Gary Grider, HPC Division Leader at Los Alamos National Lab, and John Bent, Chief Architect at Seagate Government Solutions.

Click here to save your seat. We promise that you will learn about HPC storage, be better informed about the forces which are reshaping this market and the technology innovations that will change storage and compute architecture over the next few years, not just in HPC but also impacting the cloud and mainstream IT.

And heck, at the very least you’ll get a great free gift too!

See you there!


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