Diversity and Inclusion Are Critical to Our Business

  • 150 Signatories — CEO Action For Diversity and Inclusion

Inequality based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, and other factors is inconsistent with the principles of our nation and limits our ability to employ our resources to their full potential. I’m joining CEOs of more than 150 companies to sign on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative.

Diversity is fundamental to Seagate’s culture, and benefits our ability to serve our customers, as well as benefiting the economy overall. Seagate is committed to cultivating a trusting environment where widely varied experiences, identities and perspectives are welcome and employees feel empowered to discuss diversity and inclusion.

With thousands of employees working in our major facilities in seven countries, and a worldwide footprint that further extends to every continent, Seagate truly is a global, diverse organization. That has been true for more than 30 years as the company has expanded beyond its early roots. In fact, part of Seagate’s formula for success is for our operations to be located in a range of countries around the world that offer a mosaic of talent and a breadth of business opportunities.

Ensuring human rights and high labor standards for all of our employees within this global footprint is a company priority. Seagate has been a leader in driving this commitment throughout our company and our supply chain.

But that is just the basic foundation. At Seagate, we build on that to promote a culture where all employees feel respected, valued and engaged.

My commitment

I am committed to ensuring that all Seagate employees, regardless of gender identity, nationality, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or any other demographic characteristic that makes us unique individuals, feel they belong — feel connected to peers across our global and multicultural Seagate family.

We regularly reach out to ask employees whether each feels engaged and respected as a person here at Seagate. Our goal is to act constantly on this advice to improve our employees’ sense that they belong. We encourage managers and employees to hold conversations and to take actions that improve employees’ sense of belonging.

Our ongoing objective is to sustain an inclusive culture where everybody feels valued — not just for their contribution, but also for who they are as individuals… a culture in which all employees are treated fairly and have the ability to excel in their chosen careers.

We will also continue to focus on unconscious bias education, helping all of us recognize and minimize our blind spots. We will create accountability systems and maintain environments and forums where our people feel comfortable reaching out to their colleagues to have complex, and sometimes difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion.

I’m signing on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative to show Seagate’s commitment to these principles and the actions necessary to achieve them.

I believe our work on inclusion, along with our policies and practices, keeps us faced in the right direction to help our company evolve in this important regard — and enables us to deliver better outcomes for our customers, shareholders and the world.


Steve Luczo is Executive Chairman of Seagate Technology


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