How Surveillance and AI Are Enhancing Bank Security

  • How Surveillance and AI Are Enhancing Bank Security

There are thousands of banks and credit unions across the globe. Each day, these financial institutions make investments, provide loans and receive deposits from millions of people. Their services are vital to everyday life functions, and the safety of customers and their property is paramount.

Because of the assets and funds these institutions hold, banks are prime targets for theft. In 2016, the Federal Bureau Investigation reported 4,251 robberies at U.S. banks. To defend against intrusion and fraud, financial institutions must have a multi-layered security plan that includes leveraging the latest technologies to deter crime.

Technologies from companies like Verint Systems are gaining traction in the banking sector, specifically with state-of-the-art security solutions featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI). These video solutions provide remote monitoring and advanced analytic capabilities, such as sending alarms based on pre-determined patterns or images that indicate high-risk scenarios. When powered by self-encrypting drives (SEDs), these video solutions also ensure that the data providing key insights is securely stored.

Here are some of the ways that Verint is delivering surveillance solutions with AI:

  • AI Can Enhance Bank SecurityFacial Recognition at Entrances, Teller Windows and ATMs – Banks are deploying facial recognition cameras at entrances to note people of interest and capture faces to enhance fraud investigations. By leveraging face recognition, fraud investigators can quickly identify suspicious behaviors and persons of interest that are committing fraud across multiple locations.
  • Motion Detection in Vaults and Restricted Areas – For highly restricted areas, people detection on the cameras can increase situational awareness. Every time a safe opens, security personnel can receive an alert and view the video feed to verify the individual making the withdrawal is in fact an employee. Guards can also receive an alert if a non-authorized person enters a high-interest area of the bank during non-operating hours.
  • Object Recognition at ATMs – PIN compromise, ATM card skimming and jackpotting are just some of the common crimes that occur at ATM terminals. Security systems that leverage machine vision and AI can provide automated alerts when something atypical occurs. For instance, when someone loiters around an ATM or leaves a device by a terminal, the system’s advanced intelligence helps to quickly analyze the data and provide real-time alerts.

Deep learning requires more data to be maintained

The adoption of surveillance systems with AI substantially improves customer experience as well as crime and fraud reduction efforts for banks. However, as video becomes more valuable, the amount of time video needs to be stored increases dramatically for deep learning purposes. To accommodate this shift in data aggregation, banks must deploy robust surveillance storage devices at every level of the data workflow.

Hard drives like Seagate Technology’s SkyHawk AI are excellent options for banks whose primary storage needs are on-site at the NVR level. Supporting up to 64 high definition cameras, these drives are tuned for 24/7 workloads.

Storing petabytes of video and metadata from thousands of cameras, Seagate’s Exos enterprise drives are well suited for data center environments with heavy read and write workloads. Security is not far from the customer’s mind where SEDs can add piece of mind. Since SEDS are independent of the operating system, there is no performance impact and software attacks on the OS and BIOs are not effective. These drives are both Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant, providing an enhanced level of cybersecurity.

Optimized for cloud computing and delivering data at record speeds, Seagate’s Nytro solid state drive is another key option to maximize server performance and machine learning and AI analytics in data centers looking to strengthen predictive analysis and make decisions in real-time.

All in all, surveillance cameras and AI are redefining bank security, and storage solutions are an important part of the overall security ecosystem.

Bank Security - SkyHawk Surveillance Banking Infographic

Jessica Burton and Alex Johnson
Jessica Burton is global product marketing manager at Seagate Technology. Alex Johnson is senior director for Analytics and Strategy at Verint Systems.