In Case You Missed It – Key Takeaways from ISC West 2019

  • Key Takeaways from ISC West 2019

Last week, 30,000 security executives and 1,000 technology companies traveled to Las Vegas for ISC West 2019, the premier security conference for the security channel. Whether you couldn’t attend this year’s show or weren’t able to visit Seagate Technology’s booth, we have you covered.

Take a look at the video to see what we showcased at our ISC West booth, then read on below for some key highlights from ISC West that will matter to you as a Seagate partner or customer:

Insights from Seagate’s SIA education session on IT 4.0

Rags Srinivasan, senior director of strategy for Growth Verticals at Seagate, presented a session as part of the SIA education program called IT 4.0 and Video Surveillance: A Guide to New Terminology and What it Means to You and Your Customers.

Rags opened by discussing the factors contributing to the exponential growth in storage needs, including the continued adoption of 4K resolution cameras. Rags also pointed to the proliferation of IoT devices and video analytics as additional catalysts for storage growth.

A key highlight of Rags’ presentation was gathering audience feedback on several topics. Rags polled session attendees and asked, “Which technology will be the most disruptive to surveillance?” About 33% of respondents said artificial intelligence.

Audience poll on disruptive technologies from Rags Srinivasan’s presentation

Audience poll on disruptive technologies from Rags Srinivasan’s presentation

As far as the top analytics that will be deployed in security applications, 38% said facial recognition, 29% said anomaly detection, and 19% said retail marketing analytics.

Audience poll on video analytics from Rags Srinivasan’s presentation

Audience poll on video analytics from Rags Srinivasan’s presentation

There is tangible demand for these technologies in advanced deployments. Today, we’re seeing more examples of Smart City traffic agencies deploying object recognition to spot wrong-way drivers, casinos using facial recognition to identify blacklisted personnel, and retailers utilizing heat mapping to identify popular merchandise displays in stores. These are just some of the verticals and applications in which security integrators who specialize in surveillance and storage systems can develop new business and find new customers.

Rags Srinivasan

During the second part of the presentation, Rags outlined the greatest storage concerns that need to be addressed: capturing data from numerous end points, transferring data, and enabling data hungry applications. Most importantly, Rags defined the winning strategy for addressing these challenges, which is implementing the new IT 4.0 data storage architecture that leverages endpoints, edge and cloud devices. The defining aspect of this setup is that it extends the fabric of the cloud to the outer boundary, the edge, so that initial analysis takes place close to where the data was captured. This enables faster insights on-site for real-time decision making and crime prevention. By implementing edge computing devices that are powered by surveillance hard drives optimized for AI streams, integrators can:

  • Reduce data access delays
  • Bypass bandwidth constraints
  • Distribute cost of centralization
  • Address data compliance restrictions

All of this results in fewer maintenance calls, greater peace of mind and higher customer satisfaction, which can all positively affect the bottom line for integration companies.

For the final section of the presentation, Rags focused on how IT 4.0 is the future of data storage and why we need to embrace it. This new architecture ultimately empowers users to go from simple data storage to data orchestration as their environment scales while also taking into consideration 24×7 workloads, retention periods and security features.

For more information about implementing IT 4.0 for your application, click here.

SkyHawk AI 14TB Wins Govies Award

Seagate SkyHawk earns a Govies Award at ISC West 2019

At the end of the day, every partner and customer want to know whether Seagate’s surveillance hard drives will perform effectively and reliably. What speaks volumes is what other integrators, security veterans and market leaders have to say about Seagate’s solutions.

A key moment during ISC West was when Security Today named Seagate’s SkyHawk AI 14TB hard drive a 2019 Govies (Government Security) Award winner with Platinum distinction (first place) in the video surveillance data storage category.

“Each year we have the opportunity to view the latest and greatest products that will impact the government security sector, and this year’s contest is no different,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor-in-chief of GovSec and Security Today magazines and the website “The solutions that have been entered represent great technology and innovations. I applaud all our entries and appreciate their tireless efforts to secure the government sector.”


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