ISC West 2018: Unleash the Full Potential of Video Data

  • Turn raw data into insight with Seagate
  • Seagate partners with Network Optix and Razberi Technologies at ISC West 2018

Unleash the full potential of video data with fierce surveillance drives and modular systems. Join us at the largest security trade show in the U.S. with tens of thousands of security professionals exploring technologies for the physical security industry, covering from access control, biometrics and cyber threats to multi-camera video capture and data analysis, IoT, sensors, robotics and unmanned vehicles.

Seagate is back at ISC West this year as the leader with the longest experience and greatest expertise solving storage technology requirements for the diverse set of security and data analysis applications.

If you’re at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas April 11 – 13, join Seagate at Booth 10053.

With such a diversified application set, data management and storage isn’t one-size-fits all. The right architecture must be tuned to the specific business needs it is addressing.

We’re sharing demonstrations, presenting a series of expert speakers, and discussing best practices for addressing the fast-evolving needs of managing ever-increasing amounts of data in ways that can help more people.

What do two tech companies, surveillance monitors, and foosball have in common? What is SkyHawk Stadium? Come see the action for yourself and find out.


Attending? Not attending? Either way, enter for a chance to win a SkyHawk AI drive—the most advanced data solution out there for deep learning and analytics.

Learn how security technology is evolving — join Seagate and our partners at Booth #10053

Seagate’s and our partners are sharing expertise spanning many different application needs, including demos using our industry-leading SkyHawk hard drives ideal for SMB DVR and NVR, SkyHawk AI to handle intensive computational workloads of AI work streams in advanced NVRs, Exos X12 enterprise drives ideal for centralized/NVR analytics, and our Modular Storage Enclosures with enterprise-class architecture that offers the storage building blocks for a more powerful, intelligent, and secure surveillance foundation.

Learn about trends and advances from many of our partners including BCD Video, Network Optix, Synology, Veritas and more covering topics from deep learning to large-scale camera installations — see the full Speaker Sessions list below.

Network Optix (also known as Nx) is among the innovators exhibiting at Seagate’s booth, kicking off a collaborative effort between the companies that looks to combine each company’s respective technologies to product a more feature-rich, robust AI-enabled video environment.

“What Seagate is doing to explore innovative new storage technologies — including creating brand new products for a future full of AI-driven applications – is phenomenally cool,” said Tony Luce, director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Network Optix.

A new challenge: metadata produced by integrated neural networks

“The AI segment — specifically the computer vision industry — is exploding and already creating massive amounts of data,” said Luce. “The challenge with computer vision applications is being able to handle disparate types of data streams — namely the video created by cameras and other sources, and the metadata produced by the integrated neural networks. Seagate, with their Skyhawk AI drives, sees the need for a different, enhanced set of storage mediums optimized for AI-driven video applications.”

“Network Optix, on the other side,” he continued, “is interested in optimizing our software to take advantage of these new features — which include more active drives, more health monitoring capabilities, and even things like predictive hard drive failure. The future of AI-enabled applications will depend heavily on companies like Nx and Seagate cooperating more closely moving forward — and we’re excited to start the journey.”

Network Optix will be showing Nx Meta — an open, extensible IP video platform designed to help companies rapidly develop full featured AI-enabled video applications. Stop by the booth to learn more about how Nx and Seagate’s combined solution can help companies create future-proof AI-enabled video products.

Safeguard your home or business

Seagate is excited to be joined at ISC West this year by Synology showcasing their Surveillance Station solution.

Synology Surveillance Station is an all in one VMS and NVR solution for your home, small business, or multi-site enterprise that runs on all Synology NAS devices. Efficiently monitor up to 5000 cameras and 300 NAS devices from a single interface using Synology’s Central Management System (CMS). With support for over 6000 different camera models from 110+ brands you can easily integrate Surveillance Station into your existing surveillance setup or grow your deployment without worrying about vendor lock-in.

With Surveillance Station you can also easily access your cameras anytime, anywhere using a web browser, desktop client, or mobile device. Watch up to 6 channels on the go with the DS Cam mobile app and set up smart analytics to receive push notifications and real time alerts whenever suspicious events occur.

Ensure recordings and other files remain protected against accidental deletion or natural disasters thanks to Synology’s remote archiving and robust backup tools. With the ability to add failover servers, the system can automatically switchover and keep running smoothly even if one server unexpectedly goes offline. Scale your storage capacity as needed by adding additional Synology NAS devices or hard drives, such as Seagate’s Skyhawk Surveillance Hard Drives.

To find out if Surveillance Station is the right solution for you, stop by the Seagate Booth or check out Synology’s NVR Selector tool.

Then enjoy and learn from the many partners joining us in the booth and sharing important insights in our Speaker Sessions.

Attend our educational Speaker Sessions

Conference Session

SAN vs. NAS for Video Data Storage Scalability • How to Choose the Right Storage for Video Surveillance
April 11 • 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Ken Cohen, Seagate Sr. Solutions Architect • Hernan Lopez, Seagate Data Storage Expert

Speaker Sessions

Nextgen CCTV: How Seagate Got There; How You Can Too
April 11 • 11:00 AM
Brandon Gregg • Head of Global Trust and Security • Seagate

Discover Why SAN Works in Video: Seven Key Benefits
April 11 • 1:00 PM
Carl Palash • North America Business Development • BCD Video

High-Performance Storage Enables Cutting-Edge VMS Features
April 11 • 2:00 PM
Alan Ataev • Global Sales Director • AxxonSoft

How Hikvision’s Deep Learning and SkyHawk AI Benefits the Security Industry
April 11 • 3:00 PM
David Stanfield • Product Manager • Hikvision

Innovative ePOE Solution for Large-Scale Facility Projects
April 11 • 4:00 PM
Peter Hu • Branch Manager • SavvyTech

Video Archive Solutions for Large-Scale Camera Installations
April 12 • 11:00 AM
Brent Cowing • Chief Architect of Video Surveillance • Veritas

Simplifying Video Data Storage with Intelligent Video Analytics
April 12 • 1:00 PM
Jennifer Hackenburg • Product Marketing Manager • Dahua

How to Choose the Right Video Storage for Surveillance: NAS vs. SAN
April 12 • 1:30 PM
Rags Srinivasan • Sr. Director, Enterprise Marketing • Seagate

Building an AI-Enabled VMS Is Complicated. Nx MetaVMS and Skyhawk AI Make It Simpler
April 12 • 2:00 PM
Tony Luce • Director of Marketing and Business Development • Network Optix

The SkyHawk Difference
April 12 • 3:00 PM
Ed Dawson • Technical Marketing Manager • Seagate

Synology Surveillance Station for Home
April 13 • 11:00 AM
Markus Kohn • Technical Sales Manager • Synology

Seagate Partners at ISC West 2018


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