It is always good to hear the opinions of your customers and end users, and in that respect June was a banner month for SandForce flash controllers.

In a survey soliciting responses from more than 1 million members of on-line groups and other sources by IT Brand Pulse, an independent product testing and validation lab, SandForce controllers ranked at the top of all six SSD controller chip sub-categories: market, price, performance, reliability, service and support, and innovation. Last August, the SandForce controllers won in three of the six sub-categories, so were thrilled to see momentum building.

Winning all six awards is no easy task. Some of the sub-categories could be considered mutually exclusive, requiring customers to make trade-offs among product attributes. For example, often a product with the best price is considered to have skimped on quality compared to pricier solutions. A product with screaming performance, ironically, is seen as something of a market laggard because it usually does not carry the best price. So it is exciting to strike the right balance among all six measures and sweep the product category. You can find more details on the awards here:

For those of us in product marketing, winning product awards voted on by your peers can bring on a feeling similar to that warm afterglow parents bask in when they hear their child has made the honor roll or was named the valedictorian for his or her graduating class.

So please pardon us, for a moment, as we beam with pride.


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