How to Quickly “Power-Up” Your Gaming Rig

  • How to Quickly “Power-Up” Your Gaming Rig

How to Quickly “Power-Up” Your Gaming Rig

Remember when video games weren’t considered “cool” — they were just for kids, who you’d see crowding arcades or at the local Chuck E. Cheese.

You don’t remember? That’s because those days are long gone. Over the years, video games have become a billion dollar business that has surpassed both the film and music industry because of franchises like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. When popular shows like House of Cards feature their main character playing video games or you see celebrity cameos in game commercials, then you know gaming is a big deal.

Many DIYers like to power-up (or improve) their off-the-shelf PC, or build their own gaming system using high-end video cards, sound cards, top-of-the-line peripherals and premium hard drives to maximize speed and storage. That’s where a FireCuda flash-accelerated hard drive comes in. When building your system you’re going to want a ferociously fast FireCuda in your rig for these three reasons – speed, capacity and cost.

Seagate FireCuda SSHDSpeed – Every gamer knows the importance of having a competitive edge in order to win and FireCuda delivers by performing up to 5X faster than typical HDDs and improving responsiveness by 30%. Basically, you can boot up faster to get in the game quicker, grab all the tools and power-ups, and access the perfect attack position before anyone else.

Capacity – Size matters. Our FireCuda drives offer big capacities and you can store up to 40 games per TB (at 25GB per game)! You won’t have to uninstall games to make space for new ones. Just keep adding to your library so you can celebrate #TBT by playing an older game anytime you feel the urge.

Cost – FireCuda drives — melding the latest NAND flash technology with a traditional hard drive for a compact blend of capacity and speeds up to 5× faster than typical hard drives — are a great deal for the price versus installing a combo of separate HDD and SSD. This lets you put the money you save towards stocking up your big new drive with downloadable content and extras.

For many folks, video games aren’t just a hobby – they’re a lifestyle. Their cultural influence is seen in music, television, online video, clothes, toys and even food. Some competitive gamers are world-class professionals like athletes on the field of sport. Long-time gamers have known this for a while, and now they’re the influential audience leading the charge.

For anyone else interested in breaking into the PC gaming scene, this is the perfect chance to get your feet wet. It’s easy to upgrade your computer and we’ll even show you how.

Once you get your rig configured to your liking, you’ll be slaying dragons, sniping stormtroopers, outdriving street-race gangs and waging wars in the stars with the best of them. With a FireCuda drive for your desktop or laptop, you can level up and have it all.




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