Audio Euphoria

Cambridge Audio, Brik Instruments and Music Culture Technology.  After visiting these three companies today, my ears have sampled heaven.   Not for the feint of heart, these manufactures make quality audio equipment so beautiful, so powerful, even the songs I heard sampled I felt as if I was hearing them for the first time.

Cambridge Audio has a nice suite setup with audio and video players.  Their Azur 751 BD player is simply amazing with a very crisp audio and video. I was equally impressed with their Magic 6 Network Music player that boasts 20,000 radio stations for streaming and USB audio.

Brik Instruments has a nice ensemble of hardware including converters, equalizers and amplifiers. Yet what really struck a chord with me (Get it? Struck a chord? Never mind) is the Internet radio. With the ability to surf over 10,000 built-in stations, the one feature that really hooked me was the Bluetooth capabilities allowing you to play music from any device including smartphone or tablet.

Music Culture Technology wins for ambience. Their suite was playing jazz so smooth, it was like being lured by a siren.  Sitting down to speak with their reps, I was able to find out that the hardware making my eardrums sigh in contentment was the MC331 3-way Speaker system they had alongside the MC811 Power amp and MC501 Player. This set will cost you around twenty grand, but I assure you, it’s worth it.

Music is definitely part of our culture, and in the storage space, almost a given. We take it with us on all our devices be it smartphone, tablet or even just an external drive just to hold it all. And with these players, regardless your preference, it’ll all sound sweet as candy.

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